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Wk 168 – Purusarthas – 4 Desires – 1. Dharma

We are focusing on the 1st of the Purusarthas which is Dharma. Dharma in this context is a life path that an individual must follow which is virtuous and moral. This is finding purpose in fulfilling one’s duties & responsibilities, in all aspects of life.

To find out what your Dharma is, becomes a deeply introspective and spiritual process. It involves developing self-awareness, an ability to self-reflect and fearless self-inquiry to understand your unique nature, talents, gifts, skills and calling in life. 

When pondering your purpose today…

  • What activities or pursuits bring joy and a sense of fulfilment to your life? 
  • What values and principles guide your life?
  • What absorbs your attention? 
  • Where you feel most alive, authentic and driven, as if, it is a calling to serve a greater purpose?
  • What are your challenges, difficulties and weaknesses? Do you see that the shadow side is there to serve your learning, growth as a necessary means to shape you?
  • How do you want to contribute to society?
  • What is your going to be your legacy? 

For Yogis, a regular Yoga and meditation practice helps find these answers. Yoga helps with maintaining physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, providing the resource of energy to do our lives well. And meditation quietens the mind, reconnecting within, to gain insights into one’s true nature and receive guidance about one’s purpose in life. Yogis acknowledge that Dharma evolves with different stages of life. So being physically, energetically and mentally ‘fit’ and prepared to adapt to these changes is key to practice.

It is also recommended in the quest to find clarity about our individual purpose, we study spiritual scriptures, philosophical texts and seek guidance from mentors, teachers or those who we admire in their unique field of expertise. This is a calling to always be the student!

Another way we find purpose, is being of service. Something amazing happens when we help others and contributing to their welfare. We find deep compassion, humility and tolerance when we are in selfless service. This can contribute in satisfying our desire to finding a more meaningful and fulfilling life by helping others, whether that is using your story to create art, write a screenplay, to build, to feed, to guide, to heal, to inspire, to initiate political change or to directly impact someone with a smile. 

Imagine what it must feel like to have great confidence in knowing your dharma in all aspect of your life. The level of trust in what you have had to endure, to lead you to this moment, where you find great acceptance and surrender to this virtuous calling that drives you forward. 

It is said that if you attain and realise your Dharma, the results are:

  • Lasting fulfilment and contentment on all levels of being.
  • You attain clarity and the ability to execute actions skilfully with loving awareness.
  • That you have peace of mind and heart, as well as a sense of harmony with everything around you. 
  • You show up as yourself, perfectly imperfect, with great integrity and authenticity. 
  • This provides a profound impact on those around you. 
  • You have a greater resilience and source of energy that motivates you to contribute, to serve, to create, to teach, to lead, to share in the pursuit of benefiting humanity as a whole.

And if being a Yogi is your calling, deepening your connection with the divine or pure consciousness is the ultimate goal that leads to Self-Realisation and liberation. It’s important to note that fulfilling one’s Dharma is a dynamic an evolving process. And as the Yogi, you continue to grow and gain new insights, forever being the seeker. Ultimately, living in harmony is a transformative and deeply rewarding path that enriches our lives and benefits the world around us.

I offer you this mantra or prayer for this practice.“I am open and willing, please guide me.”