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Wk. 76 – Shakti – Jnana

Jnana Shakti – Power of Knowledge

This is our capacity to know, to be informed, to comprehend and to have direct experience of knowing our truth and the truth of all reality. Beyond that understanding to take action from this knowledge gained and put it into the challenges we face in our lives.

With this practice we provoke a reaction (Tapas) that gives us an opportunity to understand ourselves and humanity (Sva Dhyaya). The Yoga Sutras (2.27) describe that we will all face nine reoccurring obstacles in life. These will definitely come up on the mat during this practice and this practice is your compass and your guide to face these obstacles off the mat. The obstacles might sound a bit familiar, they are; 

Dullness, Apathy, Self-Doubt, Discontentment, Carelessness, Procrastination, Lead and Controlled by Senses, Instability, Lack of concentration. 

With insight and self-honesty our practice gives us direct experience in applying the methodology of Yoga practice when we experience the pain and suffering of life getting in the way. The key to practice is to learn how to free ourselves from that reaction and respond in ways that align to a desired serene life (Nirodha). Our ability to let go and trust is key to practice (Isvara Pranidhana) and float in the enduring calmness that is always present.

Finally before you begin your practice, take inventory of what you are feeling at the present moment and place an intention on your practice with it’s opposite. The Negative Rasa and Positive Rasa find equilibrium and with any luck, you might just touch Nirodha.

  • If you feel Disgust – place an intention on Love
  • If you are Fearful – place an intention to feel Courageous
  • Anger – Wonder
  • Sadness – Joy

The goal of this practice is to understand that the Energy (Shakti) of Knowledge is the key to navigating the human experience. You will use this understanding everyday and the more you practice, well, as the saying goes, the better you will be.