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Wk. 80 – Shakti – Ananda

Ananda Shakti – Power of Unsurpassed Joy

We practice to open the ability to see ourselves as our true self, SAT CIT ANANDA – your true nature is the existence of consciousness that is joyous, blissful and always free. The practice of Yoga directs your attention to your heart’s innate capacity to connect to tenderness, love, joy and envelop the whole of each experience in loving awareness, completely independent of circumstances. This love is fuelled by the deep understanding of the oneness of all beings and a true recognition that all are equal. This is that true meaning of Namaste.

Ananda is the energy expression of unbounded freedom, of being full, whole, complete, and at one with the rapture of blissful ecstasy. Ananda means supreme happiness, delight which is said to be our true nature. It is the energy of joy that pulsates with the power of expansive bliss that we have access to all the time.

Divine Feminine Shakti and Divine Masculine Shiva are at the centre of our study of Ananda.Celebrating his beloved Shakti as you, experience a dancing pattern of energy unfolding in our embodiment. This is so that consciousness reflects on her and expresses himself through you as joyous bliss experience (Ananda) of the divine play between her and her beloved.

Yoga is then ecstatic play of Shakti; awareness, joy, intention, knowledge, and wise action awakening to the infinite field of potential that is limitless, that we experience as Pure Consciousness within our lived embodiment. Yoga encourages us to constantly renew our sense of wonderment and curiosity for life, creating clarity of perception and create a rich expression of the deep purpose we cannot ignore. Our practice is like heartfelt prayer or expressions of what matters to us, what brings us joy, what we truly desire and develop the spiritual maturity to find connection with the Divine within and within all beings, emphasising on being of service to others and sharing these experiences.

These Shaktis will unfold naturally, in the way you can best assimilate them as you continue to practice becoming increasingly resplendent, radiant, illuminated beings. 

  • There is a light within meThat light the whole universe (Cit Shakti)
  • That radiates absolute truth – Pure Joyous love (Ananda Shakti)
  • Boundless will and power to fulfil your hearts desire, intention and purpose (Iccha Shakti)
  • It accesses skilful wise action (Kriya Shakti)
  • And is the source of all shared universal knowledge and wisdom (Jnana Shakti)