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Vinyasa Practice slowly working with poses to build from the ground – up, exploring the space to apply the Yamas to the practice. The Asanas in this practice are Hip OpeningForward Bends, Back Bends, Laterals and Twists. The intent of the practice is to open you to the entire space that you occupy, serving yourself before you go out to serve others in your community.

Yamas are the 5 guidelines and ethical disciplines which make up the foundation of all Yogic thought, helping reduce the suffering felt, providing greater space to create clarity in our relationships to others. 

  • 1. Ahimsa – Non-Violence in allowing space for others to be as they are and learn what they need to. 
  • 2. Satya – Truthfulness, honesty and transparence in our relationships, words and actions. 
  • 3. Asteya – Non-Stealing of time, attention, ideas, money or energy. 
  • 4. Brahamacharya – boundaries in maintaining our highest priorities to what matters most to us and not losing sight of it within our relationships. 
  • 5. Aparighaha – Non-Possessiveness, Letting go of Control.