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Online Classes

LIVE Classes

Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes are live stream Yoga classes with a weekly changing practice following a brief Preamble that sets the intention and peppers your practice with a bit of Yogic Philosophy. Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at

  • 7:15 am for a 45 minute class and then again at
  • 9:00 am for a 75 minute class

To join Today’s Zephyr LIVE Zoom Class or purchase future LIVE Zoom Classes, Please Login above (if you haven’t already).

If you are not yet a member and would like to join a Zephyr LIVE Zoom Class, you need to first sign up and become a member.

On Demand Classes

To purchase Zephyr Zoom Rewind Classes (recorded LIVE Zoom Classes) click here.

To purchase Zephyr Compact Yoga and Meditation Classes, Zephyr’s condensed 30-50 minute practice sessions, click here.

Zephyr Curates – Class Passes

Zephyr has personally selected some of her pre-recorded Yoga and Meditation classes based on a theme for those Yogis that want to focus and bring specific intention to their practice. These Classes are a mix of pre-recorded LIVE Zoom Classes and higher production value Compact and Full Length classes all chosen for the area of intention you would like to bespoke for you. These classes are available to you with unlimited access for 1-2 months depending on the Class Pass purchased. Zephyr Curates – Class Passes range from collections of 6 to 20+ classes and are available for purchase here.


For a schedule of Zephyr’s Online Classes both on Zephyr Yoga and with affiliated Yoga Studios in London, click here.

Studio Classes

TriYoga Schedule and Info click here

The Life Centre schedule and info click here

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