Zephyr Curates – Dedicated Members – Energetic Practices for the Energetic at Heart

“Need to feel like you’ve done some movement today? Want to feel like a weight has been lifted? I have put together a collection of Yoga Practices that I have recorded and they will probably bring back the feeling of life to your physical body and with any luck your mental and spiritual body as well. Whether you are someone that is constantly needing to move your body or you just had one of those days where you feel like blowing off some steam, these practices will keep the fire burning and for most people they will be medium to strong practices. I like to bring a bit of fire to practice every now and then as it can be a great teacher. As the heat increases with the pose, the mind tends to wander, such is life where when things get a bit uncomfortable, we react and unconsciously avoid the heat. With our practice and a bit of energetic movement we can practice the metaphor on the mat, stay conscious and embrace the moment. Hope this serves as a tool for you as much as it does me. Big Love”. Zxxx

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