Frequently asked questions

How long does my membership last?

A Casual and Dedicated membership are billed monthly which means you can opt out of membership and the payments at anytime and still have access at your level for the month that you have already paid for. At the end of that month you will no longer be billed.

Can I change my membership level if I want more access or want to downgrade?

Yes. You can change the level of membership at anytime simply by going to Your Dashboard and purchasing a new level of membership under the “My Subscriptions” link.

How does the Karma Credits system work?

Karma Credits are the Zephyr Yoga Online currency available to use for PAYG members and Casual members. They are a great way of purchasing credit on the site so that you don’t have to use your credit card each time you want to purchase a class. Feel free to add Karma Credits from your dashboard and those credits will always be available and do not expire.

For Casual Members only, at the beginning of each months renewal period, your account is automatically credited with 80 Karma Credits. These credits allow you to access LIVE Classes (10 credits each) or pre-recorded/Zephyr LIVE Rewind classes (5 credits each) whenever you want. It works out to be a 25% discount compared to the same amount of class access if you were to purchase them all on a PAYG (Pay as you GO) membership. Casual Members Karma Credits don’t roll over, so use them each month!

If I run out of Karma Credits during the month, can I purchase more?

Yes. Casual Members can always add more credits to your account if you have used them all before the next month’s Karma Credits are added to your account. Simply go to your dashboard and follow the prompts to add Karma Credits.

What is the definition of Yoga?

A couple of my favourite definitions and explanations-
Yoga – to ‘yoke’ ‘unite’ ‘join’ the intimate relationship between opposing opposites.

“Yoga is the art and science of disciplining the body, breath and mind” Georg Feuerstein

“a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.” Oxford Dictionary 

What is a Level 1 Class on Zephyr Yoga Online?

This is a class great for beginners, for those in the initial stages of yoga practice or those who want to explore the foundations of practice in more depth.

What is a Level 2 Class on Zephyr Yoga Online?

This level of Class assumes students have an understanding of the principles of Yoga philosophy, Yoga asana alignment and pranayama within a practice. These classes are likely to include more complex postures, pranayama techniques and sequences requiring and developing greater strength and flexibility.

What is a Solar Class?

The energy of the sun brings us light, warmth and vital growth that is motivating, uplifting and energising. Zephyr qualifies a class based on what the class cultivates and leaves you with.

What is a Lunar Class?

The energy of the moon brings us calm, soothing light to rejuvenate, renew and slow down  to self-reflect, cultivating stability and contentment. Zephyr qualifies a class based on what the class cultivates and leaves you with.

What is a Vinyasa Yoga Class on Zephyr Yoga Online?

Is a fluid physical practice in which carefully crafted sequences of postures are linked mindfully with breath. ‘Vinyasa’ in Sanskrit can be translated as ‘placing in a special way’ so there is a focus on moving with awareness from posture to posture. Vinyasa Flow classes may also include some more static postures, as well as pranayama, kriya and meditation.

What is a Yoga class on Zephyr Yoga Online?

Classes described as ‘Yoga’ will also generally be based around physical postures, but in these classes postures are likely to be held longer and may not be placed together in breath linked sequences. Classes may include more detailed information about certain postures and are likely to be slower in pace than most Vinyasa Flow classes. These classes may also devote more time to pranayama, meditation, and relaxation. 

What is a Restorative Yoga Class on Zephyr Yoga Online?

Restorative yoga postures help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely. During a class you will take a series of poses, using props to fully support the body so you can experience deep relaxation.

What is Meditation on Zephyr Yoga Online?

In meditation we are training the mind to find it’s way back home into the seat of the posture, where one learns to drop into moment by moment wakefulness embodied. There are a variety of different types of meditation which promote the process of turning your attention inward with one-pointed focus, bringing about a sense of peace and self-acceptance.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga is to “join” in an intimate relationship and usually is translated as union, to yoke, the act of joining together as one. Nidra is translated as conscious sleep. Yoga Nidra is the Yoga of Sleep. It becomes a gentle, methodical practice dissolving the practitioners state from the most physical to the most subtle and awakening the causal (soul) of our embodiment. The regular practice is led by the voice of a Teacher and can be live or a recording for the student/practitioner.

What is Prana?

It is vital force, life force, energy behind breath, light of intelligence that animates life, literally means ‘travels well’ referring to the breath and energy of life

What does Asana mean?

It means seat, posture. To create an asana one need two things; Sthira – Stability and Sukham – Ease. What takes a seat, is the mind taking a seat within it’s embodiment. This becomes a Yoga asana.

What is a Kriya practice?

Purification techniques intended to rapidly accelerate spiritual development by directing Prana (life energy) to circulate through the physical and subtle bodies. According to the Yoga Sutras this consists of Tapas – practices that create heat for positive change, Sva Dhyaya – self-study and Isvara Pranidhana – surrendering to the Godhead of your understanding, which are the last three Niyamas.