Fiver Fridays!

As a little incentive to get you on the mat more and discover the new Zephyr Yoga online community, Friday Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes will be £5. That’s right, for a limited time, Zephyr LIVE Yoga Zoom Classes are available to Casual and Complementary members for a fiver (Dedicated and Students of Yoga always have unlimited access). Best yoga deal around we reckon. So, sign up or Login and join us for Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 BST. See you Friday!

If you haven’t joined Zephyr Yoga as a Dedicated, Complementary or Casual Yoga member, check it out here. There is a membership level to suit budget and practice schedule for everyone. We have had lots of great feedback for Zephyr’s new Compact (30 minute) classes which are available exclusively to Dedicated Yogi members. Casual members also have access to Zephyr Yoga and Meditation Home Practices which are brand new to Zephyr Yoga, check out the sample below. If you have any questions or some feedback, please drop Zephyr a line.

Zephyr Yoga Home Practice

I have decided to start to offer my Yoga & Meditation classes to students wherever you are. My videos and sound quality are simple, however I hope they are effective in conveying the energy of the practices. I will try to post regularly giving you the experience of what we are studying in group classes in London.

I ask if you can and are willing to fill my alms bowl with what you can offer in return for these practice. Just to support the effort of class planning, filming and uploading these offerings.

Please click on “Zephyr Yoga Home Practice” above the picture or use the donate button to the right to help fill my alms bowl. Or alternatively, you can avoid transaction fees and directly transfer to my bank account just email me

For my online LIVE yoga classes here is a link to my weekly schedule

Zoom have now put security measures in place and require everyone to have a password to enter the meeting. This is in response to a number of “uninvited guests” attending meetings and disrupting them, so the gesture is welcomed. Please email me privately and I will send you these codes,

Thank you. Zephyr Wildman

Read article for donation information.

2 Essential Mantras – Gayatri & Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is to connect to the light of purification and spiritual guidance.

oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ, tat savitur vareṇyaṃ, bhargo devasya dhīmahi, dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt

“Earth, Ether, Cosmos let the most Divine Light guide my thoughts, intellect and intuition.”

“I meditate on the most radiant light of the Divine from which issues the triple world, physical, subtle and celestial, the light so bright that it removes all obstacles and impurities, inspiring and enlightening our minds.”

Gayatri Mantra Preamble –

Gayatri Mantra Practice –

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as a prayer to rejuvenate and heal ourselves while practicing, reinforcing our dedicated intention to practice.

oṃ tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭi-vardhanam
urvārukam iva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya mā ‘mṛtāt

“We meditate on the 3 eyed one – Shiva/Rudra which permeates and nourishes like a fragrance. Shelter and bless me with health and immortality. Liberate me from the clutches of death, even as a cucumber is effortlessly separated from the bondage to the creeper.”

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Preamble –

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Practice –

To practice within your asana practice go to Zephyr ZOOM Rewind.


The Asanas or postures of Yoga were originally part of the whole “Union” practice in order to get the kinks and distractions out of the body in order to bring focus to the mind, together with the body and soul through meditation. Our Western culture has focused so much on the postures and exercise side of yoga, that the spiritual and mental side has been neglected. I like to encourage all of my students to enjoy the feeling and high of a great Asana Yoga session but these days, especially as we are dealing with more and more of the uncertainties and challenges of our world, to find time for Meditation and Pranayama (Breath-work) as well. Below you will find some of my favourite Pranayama techniques as well as a few Meditations I have recorded over the last few months.

To practice, register or login and go to your Membership Gateway to access the Meditations.

Zephyr Yoga Inspiration Podcast is also a great place to find recordings of meditations if you are on the go. Listen to them on any of your preferred Podcast platforms. Click here to access.

 Zephyr Curates – Class Passes – A collection of different Yoga and Meditation classes handpicked by Zephyr. These classes are selected to create focus and intention to your practice with a variety of classes passes to choose from and unlimited access.

To purchase Zephyr Zoom Rewind Classes (recorded LIVE Zoom Classes) click here.

To purchase Zephyr Compact Yoga Classes, Zephyr’s condensed 30-50 minute practice sessions, click here.

Self-Care & Self-Massage

To benefit from The Tonic CBD Oil, use discount code: ZEPHYRSTRIBE

To benefit from Yogandha Oil, use discount code: ZEPHYRWILDMAN


Cancelled and Postponed Nov 2021

I am so excited to collaborate with Hotel Tresanton  in offering a special week long get away with Yoga & Meditation Retreat. Have a look at this unique getaway click here to see photos and to book click here.

Dates: Monday 25th – 29th Friday January 2021

Single Occupancy: £1700 total for 1 Yogi

Double Room Occupancy: £2600 total for 2 Yogis

This includes:

2 hours of energising Yoga Philosophy, Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation in the morning and 1.5 hours of Restorative Yoga & Meditation every evening with Zephyr Wildman.

Four nights of accommodation in the Tresanton.  There are 4 dog friendly rooms available at the hotel if you want to bring your dog, these will be subject to an additional charge of £25.  Room 1 has a terrace and Room 31 has its own garden.

Delicious breakfast, vegetarian lunch and dinner with a focus on fish/chicken.

Transfers from and to St Austell Train Station (must be travelling on the train specified – Time TBC)


Face and body treatments can be booked in advance through The Tresanton. A list of treatments is available at

Booking in advance is essential as there is limited space.


Bring all weather gear along with your yoga kit. There are wellington boots provided in all sizes by the hotel but for those serious walkers you may want to bring walking boots.

Hotel Tresanton 

St Mawes, Cornwall TR2 5DR

Tel: +44 (0)1326 270 055


Introducing Zephyr Yoga Compact

I thought that with the new month approaching and normalcy (?) slowly creeping up for all of us I would offer a new type of practice for all of you Zephyr Yoga Members. As parents with children going back to school and those of you that were able to successfully navigate the quarantine holiday roulette, are now coming back to London, I thought it might be a good time to launch my new condensed classes.

I have been recording over the months, 30-40 minute practices of Yoga and Yoga with Meditation that are of a particularly higher production value than Zoom can offer. I am now launching them on my website as on demand purchase for Complementary and Casual Yogi Members. All of my Dedicated Members and Students of Yoga will have already had access to these included with their membership, but I am now making these available for all Zephyr Yoga Members as we begin to tuck into the cooler months and hopefully (?!) back into our normal routines.

Please give me some feedback and let me know how you find them. Big Love to all of you and thank you so much for the support.

Please find the new Zephyr Yoga Compact series on your membership gateway (after you have logged in) or access it here.

New Episodes on Podcast

New Meditations on Zephyr Yoga Inspiration Podcast as well as Yoga practice available on Zephyr Yoga Rewind.

Meditation – Welcoming Mara for Tea
Meditation – Indriyas Awakening Our Senses

Back to School Zephyr Yoga Zoom LIVE

Zephyr is adding classes to her LIVE Zoom class schedule! Starting 31 August you can join Zephyr and the LIVE community on the mat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a 45 minute Yoga practice starting at 7:15 am. Begin your morning routine with Zephyr and a thoughtful, compact practice with sequencing and a preamble that will reflect the weeks theme. A condensed preamble will be followed by a sequence designed for early-risers and those who need to get their day started earlier.

Zeph’s normal 75 minute classes will run as normal beginning at 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

See you on the mat LIVE!

Introducing Zephyr Zoom Rewind

Did you know that all of Zephyr LIVE Zoom classes are now available for purchase? If you missed the LIVE class or want to revisit a specific practice, go to your Member Gateway and click on Zephyr Zoom Rewind where you can purchase access for a day (£5) or a week (£10) all of Zephyr’s LIVE Zoom Classes.

Remember if you are a Casual Member you get unlimited access to Zoom Classes for a month from LIVE. If you need to work on other areas or attended a class you liked over a month ago, now you can rewind it and do it all over again.