Fiver Fridays!

As a little incentive to get you on the mat more and discover the new Zephyr Yoga online community, Friday Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes will be £5. That’s right, for a limited time, Zephyr LIVE Yoga Zoom Classes are available to Casual and Complementary members for a fiver (Dedicated and Students of Yoga always have unlimited access). Best yoga deal around we reckon. So, sign up or Login and join us for Zephyr LIVE Zoom Classes, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 BST. See you Friday!

If you haven’t joined Zephyr Yoga as a Dedicated, Complementary or Casual Yoga member, check it out here. There is a membership level to suit budget and practice schedule for everyone. We have had lots of great feedback for Zephyr’s new Compact (30 minute) classes which are available exclusively to Dedicated Yogi members. Casual members also have access to Zephyr Yoga and Meditation Home Practices which are brand new to Zephyr Yoga, check out the sample below. If you have any questions or some feedback, please drop Zephyr a line.

Zephyr Yoga Home Practice

I have decided to start to offer my Yoga & Meditation classes to students wherever you are. My videos and sound quality are simple, however I hope they are effective in conveying the energy of the practices. I will try to post regularly giving you the experience of what we are studying in group classes in London.

I ask if you can and are willing to fill my alms bowl with what you can offer in return for these practice. Just to support the effort of class planning, filming and uploading these offerings.

Please click on “Zephyr Yoga Home Practice” above the picture or use the donate button to the right to help fill my alms bowl. Or alternatively, you can avoid transaction fees and directly transfer to my bank account just email me

For my online LIVE yoga classes here is a link to my weekly schedule

Zoom have now put security measures in place and require everyone to have a password to enter the meeting. This is in response to a number of “uninvited guests” attending meetings and disrupting them, so the gesture is welcomed. Please email me privately and I will send you these codes,

Thank you. Zephyr Wildman

Read article for donation information.

Introducing Zephyr Zoom Rewind

Did you know that all of Zephyr LIVE Zoom classes are now available for purchase? If you missed the LIVE class or want to revisit a specific practice, go to your Member Gateway and click on Zephyr Zoom Rewind where you can purchase access for a day (£5) or a week (£10) all of Zephyr’s LIVE Zoom Classes.

Remember if you are a Casual Member you get unlimited access to Zoom Classes for a month from LIVE. If you need to work on other areas or attended a class you liked over a month ago, now you can rewind it and do it all over again.

Teaching & Practice Tips

Virabhadrasana 3 into 1
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Zephyr Zoom Classes – Niyamas in Practice

To help me create more content and practices online or to just say ‘Thank You’ please consider donating a small offering to Zephyr’s Alms Bowl. You can make an offering for as much or as little as you like. Please click here.

Happy Place Festival with Fearne Cotton & Friends

Join Fearne Cotton & other inspiring people for the virtual festival experience to find our Happy Place. My fellow girlfriends and Yogi’s, Alida O’Connor & Tanja Mickwitz, will be joining me sharing the JOYS Yoga and Meditation. To book your tickets click here.

My classes will be 21st & 26th June, 6th July 8:30am

To listen to the Happy Place Podcast with Fearne we recorded click here.

to book click here
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Tough Love Podcast

Tough LOVE with Federica Leonardis

My friend and fellow Yogi, Federica Leonardis, asked me to join her in conversation on TOUGH LOVE. How I survived a partner’s relapse on drugs, the experience of managing a family during this time and the cancer that took his life. This is a very frank and honest account of my story and recovery in Alanon, the 12 step fellowship for those affected by addiction in their loved ones. You will hear how I am messy, clumsy with my words, feelings and humbled by humanity in my search to heal, grow and thrive again. My intention to share this story is to inspire the courage, strength and hope that it will open conversations and raise awareness of the amazing support out there. Click here to listen

The day we recorded the podcast. Love & prosperity to Federica with sharing stories of TOUGH LOVE.

For extra help and support if you are affected by this podcast, alcohol, drugs and/or a friend or family that is suffering with addiction. Here are some support groups that are available to be of serve. 

Alanon & Alateen UK

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Zephyr Zoom Classes – Yamas in Practice

To help me create more content and practices online or to just say ‘Thank You’ please consider donating a small offering to Zephyr’s Alms Bowl. You can make an offering for as much or as little as you like. Please click here.