ZEPHYR YOGA HOME PRACTICE – Managing the Unmanageable

Sorry the audio isn’t great. Will try to fix it next time.

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Zephyr Yoga Home Practice

I have decided to start to offer my Yoga & Meditation classes to students wherever you are. My videos and sound quality are simple, however I hope they are effective in conveying the energy of the practices. I will try to post regularly giving you the experience of what we are studying in group classes in London.

I ask if you can and are willing to fill my alms bowl with what you can offer in return for these practice. Just to support the effort of class planning, filming and uploading these offerings.

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Zoom have now put security measures in place and require everyone to have a password to enter the meeting. This is in response to a number of “uninvited guests” attending meetings and disrupting them, so the gesture is welcomed. Please email me privately and I will send you these codes, zephyrbw@gmail.com

Thank you. Zephyr Wildman

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“Alexa, open Happy Place Meditations”


I am so ‘happy’ to have worked together with Fearne Cotton, my fellow Yogi and friend, on this FREE Meditation Series. We really hope they offer support for those needing guidance to travel inwards, establish a state of natural calm and serenity.

To listen open your Amazon Alex and say “Alexa, open Happy Place Meditations.” Enjoy! x