5 Elements – Earth

With this practice, we will stay close to the ground, strengthening, stabilising and calming the body. This is a strong practice building structural integrity through repetitive core work to target the pelvis and shoulders. Working with Hasta (hand) Mudras, Bija (seed) Mantras and imagery of this weeks topic Earth, to inspire a practice that will leave you feeling like a majestic mountain.

In the next five weeks, we will be using the five basic Elements of nature; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space, to understand and discover more of our inner and outer ecosystem. Yogis understood and utilised the laws of Nature to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and sustained contentment in themselves by using practices effectively to heal, inspire and transform – cultivating equanimity in the Body-Mind connection.

So to briefly describe these elements within:

  • Earth – Solid – form, structure, physical integrity, bones, muscles & tissues.
  • Water – Liquid – fluidity that sustains life, nourishes and moves our joints, blood and fluid flow that circulates within
  • Fire – Heat – temperature, metabolism, energetic drive and confidence to fulfil purpose
  • Wind – Gas – direction of movement of the breath, Prana and channels of communication within, that carry the creative expression of life
  • Space – Intergalactic Material that suspends or contains it all, we feel space which provides a platform for all the other elements within ourselves Sense this in our mouth, hollow organs and bone, but the space between the breath, cells, atoms, even the space between our thoughts

Yogis used the heat of Prana to inspire a balance, transform imbalances and create a natural harmony amongst all the others elements.

  • Ice + fire = water & gas
  • Wood + fire = ash & smoke

Each week we will focus on an Element drawing on it’s characteristics.

This week it is Earth Prithvi. As we start our journey on reconnecting to the earth element, I invite you to get reacquainted with the nature within you and around you. Reconnecting to the earth element is more about doing less than adding more. Draw on your encounters with the Earth – the land, mountains, deserts, shorelines you have walked on, the Earth that you have dug your hands in feeling the roots deep within and letting go through tending to the nutrient rich soil, feel you benefited from her bounty of produce within you. Getting back to our most primal selves can serve as a way to feel grounded and earthed again. Feel your bones, muscles, organs, tissues the Earth quality that create your form, structure, weight and support. That you feel your body stabile, steady and grounded. A Calmness to your form as you feel safe and trusting.

Prithvi Mudra –Thumb to the tip of the ring finger

Abode of the Earth element is in the Muladhara Chakra

Bija Mantra for the Earth Element is LAM

Sense Organ–Smell

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Published on October 9, 2023