5 Elements – Fire

Fire, Agni in Sanskrit, is one of the most powerful of the elements. When we tap into its energy, we bring alive a transformation within ourselves.

Fire has always been used in most rituals especially in Yoga traditions. Some of the oldest Deities worshiped were Agni, the God of Fire. Indra, the God of Storms and Soma, the God of the Moon. As time passed these Gods fell in to the shadows as others became more popular, however, the basic fire, water and nourishment as a blessing is always there in rituals. During a fire ritual, called a Puja, they would offer nourishment to feed the fire in the form of seeds, flowers, gee and incense.

In this ritual practice of Yoga, we will feed our inner fire by offering it 3 things that bring us joy, to symbolically build that fire and direct the heat, to what our heart desires. We will then connect to a personal intention for this practice to create that heat for positive change, Tapas. Does your heart burn for greater health, wealth, purpose, contentment, resolve, love, connection? Ask what do you need from this practice to create inner harmony, balance and serenity to move forward in your life?

Agni, over time, evolved to be associated with the action of transformation. When our inner flames are stoked, fire provides energy for the body in loads of ways:

  • Digestive Fire, helping transform food into energy
  • Vital Fire, helping transform energy to fuel actions, motivate us 
  • Intelligence Fire, power of cognition
  • Mental Fire, helping drive ideas into action 
  • Compassion Fire, helping warm to ourselves and our actions with empathy, tenderness and kindness

Law of Nature of fire is heat in the form of your temperature, metabolism, phyical-digestive-mental power and your creative energy. This gives you drive, determination, confidence, charisma, hunger, courage and energy to take action to fulfil your purpose.

You will feel this at your solar plexus, solar – sun, Manipura Chakra. This centre is the energetic hub and connects you to your Ego. Too much fire here you become Rajasic – arrogant, dominating, controlling, aggressiveness, reactive, inflamed, irritable and angry. Too little fire here you become Tamasic – fear, shame, guilt, poor self-esteem, passivity, weak in will and drive. You know when your fire is balanced, that Sattvic effect expresses itself as – boundless energy, inner strength, vital fuel, being purposeful, disciplined, spontaneous, independent and motivated.

We will layer our practice with:

  • Hasta Mudra – Agni Mudra
  • Bija Mantra – RAM
  • The sense organ of Sight, to See, to have Visions

As we build and direct the heat to the attachments or bondages you want to burn through that don’t serve you any longer. Identify what your soul longs for, that burning heart’s desires and the vision of your future you want to create. Let’s build and direct this fire to give this practice more meaning and purpose.

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Published on October 27, 2023