5 Elements Meditation on Water

Last week the theme was on the Earth Element. With it, we transversed the inner landscape of our bodies, it’s structural integrity in the bones, muscles, tissues and organs. The result was a body left feeling stronger, more stable and calmer as a result of practice. This week we will layer our experience working with the laws of Nature and focus on the Water Element – Jal. 

It is a fact that our bodies are 70% water and that the Earth’s surface is covered by 71% water. Water is what sustains all life, it is the principle of cohesion and is the gateway to the flow of movement. We experience this water element within ourselves as our fluids – saliva, digestive fluids, blood, lymph/synovial/sexual fluids, our sweat and our tears. We need the right flow of these fluids, working with the Earth quality of our body, to function optimally. On a more cognitive and even spiritual level the water element also expresses itself within the dynamics of our thoughts, emotions and outward expression of what is being experienced.

The abode of the Water Element is within the second Chakra; Svadhistana, where we connect to desire, pleasure, gratification, sensuality and sexuality. This is where emotions flow to express ourselves. This womb is where we water the seeds of our intention and desires, so that they grow healthy, deep roots into the earth and are nourished by the right amount of water to grow with help from the light above. 

Our practice invites us to honour what is present. 

  • Do you feel like a block of Ice, with that Tamasic holding, damming up or numbing out feeling- Those old coping survival skills that may not be of service to you any longer as you recognise this isn’t sustainable as it freezes your ability to feel love, pleasure and worldly joys. 
  • Or do you feel too Rajasic – out of control, like a white water rapid river raging, unmanageable and turbulent?

Our practice becomes a cathartic method to unthaw, calm the waters and find a healthier flow to manage the twists and turns to life. Life is always demanding us to adapt, water always finds a way if we let it. Like water, we need to practice adapting to what we are moving towards and around, to have the mental-emotional clarity to flow with ease. How we can stay buoyant and allow the support to carry us, letting go and trusting in the creative rhythm of the movement that is guiding us through our lives.

Hasta Mudra – Jala Mudra – Thumb to little finger. Is said to be the seal of mental-emotional clarity. Fire and Water bond to create the flow of intuitive communication and openness. The dynamic movement of the nourishing Prana that circulates and distributes throughout the bodies to optimise our physical, subtle and mental health.

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Published on December 11, 2023