5 Elements – Space

Space in Sanskrit is Akasha, the intergalactic medium that is said to be the container of all elements. It is the original element, likened to the Mother of all elements that everything came from and everything will return back to. It suspends as matter goes through transformation, it holds that physical and energetic magnetism that creates the order and disorder. Space is the basis and essence of all things in the material world as if it is cradling all contents of the Universe like invisible hands on the macro to the micro, physical to the subtle, space is a part of it.

We can see it as the space between solar systems, planets, atmosphere and earth, within the room, within the body, space between the breath, the space in the mind between thoughts, sounds and sensations. The space between.

Yogis practice to open that sacred space, to just be. To abide in iIlluminated emptiness, yet fill it with presence and become one with this space, to experience an awakening to that which is eternal and pervading through all physical and subtle substances. To be awakened as a part of the fabric which hold all together.

The abode of the Space element is at Vishuddha Chakra; at the throat. This is where we have the space for clear communication, creative resonance, expression, empowerment through language and sound. Too little space, there is a Rajasic experience of excessive speaking, stutter, shouting, too much noise even in our own thoughts. The extreme opposite is said to be too much space, that there is a Tamasicexperience of not being able to bring thoughts, words or actions together to have an effective impact, there tends to be poor rhythm of speech, fear of speaking, there is said to be lies that we tell ourselves and others to fill the space.

This element opens us to think about how we share space, how we build bridges of communication through space to connect and how we hold space for ourselves and others. As well as how we abide in space, that stillness.

The goal of practicing Yoga according to the Yoga Sutras is to attain Nirodha, stillness.

Kaya Nirodha – Physical Stillness, 

Prana Nirodha – Energetic Stillness, 

Citta Vrtti Nirodha – Mental Stillness

Hatha Yogis figured out that if you create a lot of activity, you gain access to stillness. That you create physical, energetic and mental effort and can abide in effortlessness on those levels. In practice we actively stretch this space and fill it with consciousness, light and awareness of awaking to the fullness of presence that is supporting us and carrying us.

Akasha Mudra – Middle Finger

Sense organ Listening, Hearing, Sound/Silence

Bija Mantra – HAM

Recognition Sutras states that “Each of us is a perfect movement in consciousness’s endless dance of self-exploration, self-realisation and self-love” That we are astronauts exploring the inner space, discovering the inner terrane (not terrain!) and finding our true self as a result. It is found as we

  • Rest in the space between your breaths,
  • Pause in the space between your thoughts,
  • Bask in space in the light of your inner awareness.

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Published on November 3, 2023