5 Kleshas – 1. Avidya – Ignorance

Georg Feuerstein “Yoga is an art and spiritual science of disciplining your body, mind and breath.”

We practice Yoga to form an intimate relationship with the mind and body by shaping the breath. We open to sensation and cultivate the light of insight which in turn stills the mind and body to attain the state of Yoga. In the previous practice, we mapped out a simple practice for complicated people. The complication is that the mind wants to abandon the relationship all of the time. We find it chasing thoughts, avoiding emotions, fantasising about pleasure and entertaining fears. Our practice is to notice when the mind wanders and bring it back to practice. This waking up is highlighting the first Klesha which is Avidya, meaning a lack of awareness or understanding, one’s ignorance, clouded perception or misapprehension. Our Yoga practice is designed to open the veil of ignorance that clouds our perception we see through our mind, energy and body into the truth of all nature and reality. 

There is a term for a Yoga student called the Adhikara. Pointing to the seeker’s journey through the material, energetic and conscious realms. Being competent for deeper understanding, a respect of what is being studied and practicing it in all one’s affairs. Competent studentship in the endeavours of practice in gaining self-knowledge in attaining self-realisation. 

YS 1.20 describes 5 Virtues, Attributes or Essential Ingredients to be the Adhikara – the competent Yogi.

  1. Shraddha – Faith, Trust
  2. Virya – Courage, Strength 
  3. Smirti – That which is remembered, Memory
  4. Samadhi – Absorption, Collect, Concentrated 
  5. Prajna – Illumination of Consciousness, Direct Insight, Light of Knowledge

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Published on July 24, 2023