5 Kleshas – 3. Raga – Attachment

A weird and wonderful paradox we have is the gift of a conscious mind that wants to escape itself and find itself at the same time. Yoga provides tools to skilfully manage the unmanageability of being human, yet guides us with more meaning, fulfilling a greater purpose of embodiment. In our practice of Yoga we come across obstacles that stir up negative thinking, emotional distress, instability and disturbances in the breath that mirror the mind – YS 1.31. These are the symptoms that the Kleshas are present.

We have worked with the first Klesha Avidya-Ignorance and then the second Klesha Asmita-Egotism. Now we are focusing on the third Klesha which is Raga; the attachment to chasing, clinging, grasping, dwelling, yearning and holding on to previously experienced PLEASURES.

Reflect on what pleasures you’ve experienced that you would like to enjoy again. Travel, gardening, going out to dinner, a drink at the pub, socialising, sex, laughing with friends, shopping, celebrating a success, being in the flow of creativity? What are some of the other worldly experiences you want to have again? It is a natural response to seek out what brings us pleasure. We all have desires. That is the blessing about being human. When born, we have the desire to feed, crawl, walk, learn, experience, grow, have sex, be in relationship, enjoy a well lived life. Bhoga is a term describing how we enjoy, indulge and consume the worldly delights or desires of life.

As we practice Yoga are aim is to fulfil our Vedic goals of life, these are the Purusarthas; Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. 

  • Dharma: Your duties, responsibilities, virtues and purpose
  • Artha: Means and tools to support your purpose
  • Kama: Pleasure, worldly delights, relationships, creativity, ascetic beauty 
  • Moksha: Spiritual liberation, freedom, trust and faith

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Published on July 31, 2023