Intention of Heart’s Desire Meditation

Yoga is skill in action with loving awareness that awakens our embodiment to an intention set in every practice.

An Intention is an aspiration or energy that draws us to love, truth and creativity.

What matters to you most?

An intention whether it is a New Years intention or a daily intention you set as a commitment to your care in every gesture, grace of movement, sensation, emotion and thought. 

A personal intention increases self-knowledge, empowerment, and self-mastery to positively affect all aspects of our lives towards fulfilment, joy, contentment and serenity.

Whatever the intention is, notice how it impacts your physical, subtle and conscious bodies. 

You as the Yogi or Adhikara, shows up to your devoted practice (whatever that is and looks like) daily. You set an intention after listening to the Heart’s desires, what inherently is True for you as you are guided by your innate wisdom of what intention needs to be fulfilled.

There is said to be 5 essential ingredients to be a Yogi-

  • Shraddha – Faith. Trusted belief that the Universe has your back no matter what
  • Vidya – Courage, Willpower, Stamina to persevere through life’s obstacles
  • Smirti – That which is remembered, To strengthen your memory to what matters to you most
  • Samadhi – Absorption, to spend time in repose, resting in the grounded-ness of being
  • Prajna – Illumination, Guided by the inner light of the heart-mind, that innate wisdom, your inner teacher

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Published on March 18, 2024