Kapha Doshas – Reducing and Rebalancing

This Kapha balancing practice will be shaped around the pose Natarajasana; Lord of the Dance pose. We will be doing this pose in different gravitational planes to connect to the playful dance in the practice and to stimulate Kapha, bringing it to focus on the joy this practice can bring.

Ayurveda is based on understanding 3 things

  1. Your Prakruti which is the nature of an individuals personal constitution Make-Up
  2. Your Vikruti which is the nature of your imbalance
  3. Your bespoked Medicine in the form of Yoga, Pranayama, Mediations, foods, herbs, vitimans and other life style choices to bring you into harmony, optimising your health and well-being

This session we will focus on Kapha Dosha which is a combination of matter and form dominated by the element of water and earth. Kapha provides stability and sustains the body tissues and nurtures the resource of fuel for our Prana, life energy, called Ojas.

Reflecting on the previous sessions, Vata – Nervous System, and Pitta– Digestive abilities, Kapha is the cohesion that binds and holds things together in the body, the mucus and oil that lubricates joints and tissues. It has the greatest quality of structural integrity in the physical body and serves to protect us. The typical body type of a Kapha is the heaviest of the Dosha types, robust, well-proportioned, strongest and sturdy in build, they are more dense, carry more muscle mass, body fat and are bigger in bones. They usually find it easier to gain weight than lose it. Kapha Dosha types loves rest, sleep and lounging about. Kapha natured people are said to inherently move slowly, tend to be lethargic, which influences their pulse to be slower than the other doshas. Do to this, it is said that they tend to have the longest lifespan because of their slow metabolism and because of their restful state they have a stronger immune system and endurance in the body.

Kapha physical traits usually include bigger facial features, wide eyes, big hands, smooth, firm, radiant and oily skin. They tend to have a deeper calming soothing voice, thick nails and hair, and long eye lashes. The character type of Kapha is one of being devotional, trustworthy, supportive, loving, caring, nurturing, very compassionate, empathetic and patient. They are self-reflective, emotionally calm, grounded and thoughtful. This is in us all and serves to keep us in harmony internally with ourselves and unite us with others. They are very forgiving. When they are with others they are fully present, they prefer creating depth in relationships which drive them to feel belonging.

Kapha natured people have the endurance to retain what is received through deliberate effort, but are slow learners. They view work as being of service and find great meaning in their life fulfilling that purpose. They are consistent in loyal and reliable in action, once committed they do it faithfully overtime. They view a life that is worth living is one that is filled with love and enjoy the little things of life with all senses. They are easily pleased by the little joys of life and love things that are tried and tested. They don’t like change.

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Published on November 17, 2023