Malas – Mayiyamala

Malas are stains and impurities over our hearts, minds and bodies that limit our lives to being defined by our feelings, thoughts and actions. 

Anavamala is the stain over our heart that keeps us defined by “I am my feelings” 

Mayiyamala – Connected to the Mind. “I know”, thoughts, mind. Like the saying “I think, therefore I am” however who are you when you’re not thinking? Do you exist? This stain or impurity over the mind distorts the perception of difference oneself and other, oneself and the Divine, oneself and Pure Consciousness. It is said to be knowledge that is impure or distorted through a stain of thoughts that lead to prejudice as there is a perception of separateness or inability to see unity. This encourages thought that draw us into compare and despair, perception of abandonment, being disconnected and alone as an individual being amongst others and source. 

There is a lot of being conditioned to think by our families, culture and religion. Humans are programmed to be tribal to survive. This gives rise to racism, sexism, classism, ageism and other ways we perceive difference and feel threatened by it. 

There is an analogy of a continent with many mountains, most of these mountains are under water, however a few pop out and above the water, the peaks are perceived as islands. If you never looked below the surface of the water you would never think they would be connected. Mayiyamala is a bit like this. We think everyone is different, unrelated or independent of each other. We point the finger and judge others, feeling envy, jealousy and anger. However, as the saying goes when you point a finger, there are always three fingers pointing back at you. This ability to take ones own inventory, to self-reflect and see themselves in other’s shoes, that we are no better or different under the circumstances. The saying that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience and that we are Human Beings having a Spiritual experience. Our practice is to analyse our thoughts, beliefs and judgements. Am I my thoughts? What am I? How do I define myself? Label myself? How is my investment in my own island keeping me separate from others? Do I think my island is better or less than the others that are around me? Can I see fundamentally all individual islands are the same, as you look at what everything is built on and underneath we all are interconnected. Who are you when you are not trying to be somebody? 

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Published on January 5, 2024