Niyamas – Santosa – Contentment

Last session we worked with Sauca which ‘cleans’ the physical, energetic and mental bodies in practice and shines a brighter clearer light to a deeper tranquil state of being. All of this is the pursuit to the state of Yoga. In this session we are working on the second Niyama, Santosa, which points you to have a more intimate and honest relationship with the whole of you, so you can practice just being present with ‘what is’ and that ‘what is’, is enough. From that acceptance of ‘what is’ in any given moment, it states it will bring you unsurpassed joy.

Sam (san) in sanskrit means completely, altogether and entirely – Tosa(tosha) means a state of contentment, satisfaction, acceptance, being comfortable. When we feel content and satisfied with our lives, there is a profound acceptance of ‘what is’ and delight, serenity, sincere gratitude arises.

Vyasa stated in his commentary of the Yoga Sutras that when Santosa is achieved it is measured by the “existence of a joyful and satisfied mind, regardless of one’s environment, whether one is met with pleasure or pain, profit or loss, fame or contempt, success or failure, sympathy or hatred.”

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Published on April 29, 2024