Now Begins the Instruction of the Practice of Yoga

atha yoga anushasanam – The first Yoga Sutra. Now begins the instruction of the practice of Yoga.

Now, Now and Now…We get to begin again. With confidence and authority Patanjali suggests, within the Yoga Sutras, a practical format to guide students into the quest to discover the nature of the mind, the nature of Self, the relationship with consciousness embodied and the path to liberation. This path of Yoga is to find your way of clearing the lens of perception so we can be fully present and engaged in the HERE and NOW. 

5 Essential Ingredients to being a Yogi : Shraddha, Virya, Smriti, Samadhi, Prajna

Listen deeply to your innate wisdom. Buddhi will guide you through regular practice learning over and over again how to skilfully use the techniques to navigate our humanity, finding our middle path that fulfils our soul’s purpose, our calling in this life time. This prepares us to take wise action in our lives by shaping, refining and devoting time with intention. All the while preparing us for liberation from that which causes pain and suffering. 

Karma means action – our active, dormant and potential choices. Karma carries the notion that, the fruits of your actions comes back to you, that you can’t escape the consequence of your actions. This suggests that your current situation is said to be your past Karma. That you are a sum total of all your previous actions, choices and experiences. For every action there is a reaction, for every choice there is a consequence. Our current life is a continuation of the past. Our objective to practice is to be mindful of our actions in each moment, to make better choices to serve our greater purpose, to fulfil our deeper intentions that lead us closer to understand the nature of mind, the Self, and the relationship to consciousness embodied as us. 

We get the gift of each new day to begin again. Now we practice having an intimate relationship with the body, energy and mind honouring whatever intention for this practice that arises to guide us to closer to lasting fulfilment, contentment and liberation. 

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Published on July 13, 2023