Pitta Doshas – Reducing and Rebalancing

Pitta Dosha is the combination of light and intelligence which functions through the element of fire and water giving illumination to our Prana, it is called Tejas.

Pitta is paired with our physical, mental and energetic ability to digest things. 

Body Type of a typical Pitta is athletically built, freckles, reddish moist skin, over flowing with energy and willing to put effort in as they have greater physical, mental and emotional force. They are never cold as their inner furnace is brimming with heat and fiery by nature. Pitta sweats easily and tends to be smelly (not necessarily in a bad way!).

Characteristics personality-wise of Pitta is one of being A-Type people, born leaders, self-confident, courageous, their aim is to win. They are orderly, intelligent, they have a great capacity to digest information, amazing memory, consistently disciplined, decisive and they can quickly discern from right and wrong as their moral compass is well tuned.

Bio-mechanically and Psychologically, Pitta has an active metabolism, filled with vitality, positive energy and a passionate focus and concentration, to the point of being tunnel visioned. Foods that are great to balance pitta are, in general, sweet, bitter, and astringent in taste as well as foods with warming energies, spicy, sour, pungent, and salty. They are drawn to cold drinks.

Pitta Doshas have a general intolerance towards hot weather and get sun burns easily. As Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water, so Aggravated Pitta shows itself as inflammation issues in the body like arthritis, skin rashes, acnes, headaches, acidity in the body like heartburn, diarrhoea, over heating BURN UP and then BURN OUT.

Psychologically Pitta Doshas have strong determination, will and being powerfully motivated to achieve their duties and responsibilities they would be labeled in the western world as “driven”. They love group sports, being competitive and if there is an award they are in and they are very judgemental and critical of themselves and others. The ugly side of Pitta is one of anger, irritability, lack of patience, intolerance, hot temper, jealousy, and a controlling nature.

The general Pitta types fall into three Yogic categories-

  • Rajasic Pitta – aim is to achieve at any cost regardless of the method or means, they can be reckless, vain and arrogant abuse their positions in power to get what they want
  • Tamasic Pitta – they are said to be violent, paranoid, harbouring hatred, distain and resentment and will be hostile to get what they want regardless if they break the law, said to be criminals and psychopathic leaders.
  • Sattvic Pitta – people are intelligent, disciplined and perceptive, natural leaders with great vision to promote growth and development, sun-like people who shine bright, guiding others to get things done and accomplish tasks

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Published on November 13, 2023