Prana Vayus – Udana Vayu Meditation

Udana Vayu is the upward-moving, ascending and radiant life-force from the top of the heart and base of the throat. As it is active primarily in the region between the heart and the head, it is said to bring Prana from the energy centre, Anahata Chakra through Vishuddha Chakra to Ajna Chakra, which directs the flow of Prana from the lower to the higher planes of consciousness manifesting a hearts desire as it creatively expresses itself and influences awakening. This Vayu is also responsible for taking the mind from waking to sleep, from sleep to dreaming and then to deep dreamless sleep -Turya – to higher planes of existence. When we focus a mindful concentration in practice on Udana Vayu the results leave us feeling connected, balanced and strong, we stand tall with integrity. Our presence when Udana Vayu is flowing we are joyous, enthusiastic, alert, articulate, and we have epiphanies, insights, revelations and visions.

This meditation will use the tool Jaladhara Bandha to help trace the movements Udana Vayu and Mudras to seal in the Prana around the space between the heart and the head. Verbal chanting of OM and mental chanting of SO HUM and HUM SA will be used to connect to the vibration and pulse of Prana in this area. Kriya practices will also be used to actively clear the physical and subtle pathways for Prana to heal, transform and inspire the student to benefit from focusing on Pran, Apana, Vyana and Samana Vayus and how Udana Vayu relates to this Pranic movement. Leaving the student feeling lasting fulfilment of their intention of practice, containment in their embodiment and liberation from any previous pain or suffering.

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Published on September 18, 2023