The Seven Stages of Yoga – 5. Self-Actualisation

This is where personal potential is fully realised after basic bodily and ego needs have been Self-Fulfilment. This means that there is full realisation of one’s potential and of one’s true self. Ultimately, it is said what you truly are is pure consciousness embodied.

Spanda or vibration of the movement or wave of consciousness – physical essence of consciousness

Our practice is to attend to this pulse of consciousness and to the principle of Spanda expressing it’s self through you as you. Spanda is the joyful impulse to create harmony and enjoy life. We practice wakefully as we take action, aware of the insight of the nature of consciousness embodied as form, expressing itself creatively. Open to grace in every moment, there is no distinction between the spiritual and the mundane, everything is a teacher expressing itself as Spanda, through you, as you and working with you and for you to wake you up to its presence in everything. 

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Published on June 13, 2023