The Seven Stages of Yoga – 6. Self-Transcendence

To be or go beyond the range or limits of, to surpass…not bypass this human experience, but embrace our humanity and reclaim our power to go beyond, to rise above our stuff, to cut across karmic ties, to excel and share our unique insight, gifts, talents and skills, to leave behind that which doesn’t serve us and outshine our core false beliefs of ourselves. This is the essence of transcendence.

All of the light of our intelligence, Prajna, and the innate wisdom, Buddhi, go through the first 5 stages of Yoga (1.) Self-Awareness, (2.) Understanding, (3.) Acceptance, (4.) Discipline and (5.) Actualisation, to go beyond the limited Self, beliefs and karma.

This suggested method of working through these stages gives a clear path to liberation.

First we become self-aware, awake, mindful.

Second we identify and understand what triggers us, how we habitually react and delay the gratification and pause checking in with a set intention to practice and even a greater intention aligned to our dharma and commit to reinforce this intention as we move forward into our lives. This understanding of what you need forms a relationship to the Self as you connect with your inner intelligence, Prajna and innate wisdom, Buddhi. This connection will motivate you to approach what is arising in any given moment with a clearer path to find lasting fulfilment, contentment and even liberation from that which is causing you suffering

Third from a calmer place that is less reactive, we expand our viewpoint, empower ourselves to take responsibility for our part in what is arising and recognise our choices With awareness and understanding we can recognise what is motivating us, is it our shadow self or our light? Is it negativity or positivity? With this there is an admission of acceptance of what is as we practice cultivating loving awareness, friendliness, joy and compassion in practice YS 1.33, we embrace our humanity, forgive ourselves as we are perfectly imperfect as we see that our mistakes are our greatest teachers and emphasise self-love as we accept ourselves, our lives and what is just as it is. This establishes a sacred space where we can contently abide. 

Fourth, this then empowers us to re-engage with our intention, access the unlimited resource of energy to fuel us to take wise actions to show up in our lives and to live to our fullest potential as we are connected to our unique purpose of embodiment. 

We then enter the 6th stage of Yoga, Self-Transcendence, that we go beyond our limiting beliefs of ourselves, others and the life around us. We heal, transform old ways and surpass lessons we brought with us into this lifetime and even the ones we acquired as a result of being embodied as a human. Entering this stage where we outshine the past and receive an evolutionary upgrade so our causal body can move closer to its true desire: to be liberated from re-birth.

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Published on June 19, 2023