Yamas – Ahimsa – Non Violence

This practice is inspired by the first Yama, Ahimsa, Non-Violence. 

Over the past few sessions we have focused on clearing the Malas to know, see and act in this world knowing the truth of who and what we are, that there is impermanence to all life and finally being responsible for what is motivating us (Kleshas) which causes suffering. To live is to create Karma and that all activities creates Karma, choices and consequences whether positive or negative on ourselves and others. It is a fundamental desire to a Yogi’s journey to know your personal Dharma – your purpose and devote to your life to fulfilling it, creating as little ‘bad’ Karma as possible. However, it is hard to be perfect, it is impossible to exist without doing some harm to ourselves and others. By avoiding Karma, or action, it said, you still create Karma (sorry!). So the little secret to life is: You fulfil your Dharma and take care of your Karama and Karma will take care of you. One objective of practice is to refine the Buddhi – your intuitive guide, through daily practice of Yoga to see and know the best path for you to take creating the Karma that aligns to your Dharma. Yamas gives us moral and ethical guidelines to reduce as much ‘bad’ Karma and prevents us wavering off our path. 

Ahimsa means non-violence, mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically towards all sentient beings.

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Published on March 11, 2024