Yamas – Satya – Truthfulness

We are working with understanding more about Satya – Truthfulness, the second Yama. 

This is the ability to be truthful, honest and transparent in words, thoughts and actions. Satya is a self-restraint in taking responsibility and accountability of our humanity and determining what is motivating how and what we communicate. Sometimes what is motivating us to share words with one another is the Kleshas, mental-emotional afflictions which corrupt our perception. 

Sometimes we may be ignorant of our dishonesty or not hold the full truth and share half truths – Avidya. This dishonesty might be because of our egoism of wanting to be right, seen, a part of or special – Asmita. There might be an attachment to the subject manner we want – Raga. Or we are avoiding something we don’t want – Dvesa. Or are afraid of what the truth holds – Abinivesha. These are all the 5 Kleshas distorting the truth. 

So to practice Satya, I would suggest pausing when communicating, self-reflecting and discerning whether what you want to share is, to the best of your knowledge, the truth. It says that the truth will always serve a greater purpose if it is noble and honest.

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Published on April 1, 2024