Reviews of Azaren

“Everything was great ! The food is according to  the finest Moroccan’s dishes.The house is fantastic and each room so well designed, quiet and comfortable. Both morning and evening sessions places is offering a wonderful scenery. The staff is amazingly kind.The treatments are quite a unique and wonderful experience !!!”
Nathalie, October 2017- London
Azaren : I think the place is superb …. truly perfect. I absolutely love it. 
I loved all the activities, belly dancing, walking, visit of the museum etc..
Diane, October 2017 – London
I had the most  life affirming, mindful, fulfilling experience on my yoga retreat at Azaren.

Zephyr is a master teacher but the classes involved so much more than just moving through postures. I have come away with a depth of knowledge for my future yoga practice;  
a deeper practice of mind and body, a wider perspective of what yoga can give us.  It was a very enriching experience and the setting of Azaren was out of this world, a tranquil, beautiful place, yoga in and amongst nature.
Nick, May 2017- London
The retreat you hosted was really magical, both nurturing and fun. You create a space for people to relax but also inject a good punch of humour and joy. 
The venue was absolutely stunning, such a delightful surprise on first arrival. So much space and such beautiful gardens. The food was always delicious, it was wonderful to move around and experience the grounds from different spots each meal. 
I would absolutely recommend this experience to any of my friends and would love to come back.
Gabrielle, May 2017- London
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