Beginners Yoga

Everyone had to start somewhere, with anything. Yoga is no different but I think unfortunately a lot of people fall into Yoga by just getting brave and joining a class whether it was the right level for them or not.

16 classes   £65.00

Some who are naturally flexible can seem to progress at Yoga with ease, holding advanced poses and contorting into backbends their instructor has coaxed the rest of the class into. But this has always troubled me about our discipline. Naturally flexible people tend to be some of the most prone to injury in Yoga because they have never had proper instruction in how to safely move their body. As I looked around and even queried the Yoga Studios I worked for at the lack of “Beginners Courses”, I decided to start my own. This is a very introductory course on how to make sure you are safe but also a very kinesiological approach to what your body is doing in the most common postures of Yoga Asana. I am fascinated by the human body and as a machine, it is truly a marvel. Having a good solid understanding of Yoga poses, their purpose, how to correctly and incorrectly “flow” into and out of them is an essential skill for a Yogi. Whilst this class is titled “Beginners” Yoga, I would encourage even my most advanced students to go through it. It is with years of study and observation that I put it together and condensed it into 15 episodes. It is really a class series for serious Yogis who want to maintain their practice for years to come but also don’t want to lose it due to injury. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Enjoy. Big Love” Zxxx

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