Granthis – Physical, Energetic, Mental and Emotional Knots

10 classes   £45

Welcome to an immersive practice over the next few sessions with the philosophy of the Granthis. This comes from the Katha & Mundaka Upanishads describing the Granthis as physical, pycho-emotional and energetic knots that prevent the Yogi from attaining Moksha or spiritual liberation. 

To unblock a Granthis, the Yogi must first be aware of the knot. Yoga is the mastery of self-awareness cultivating self-knowledge and realisation. Tantra is the mastery of prana – vital energy cultivating siddhis or pranic powers to attain moksha. Knowledge without power is ineffective. Power without knowledge is dangerous. We need both to stand in our own potency fulfilling a deeper calling that draws us to Yoga practice. Yoga is then an ecstatic play of consciousness, a constant renewal of our sense of wonderment and curiosity for life, to clarify and create a rich expression of the deep purpose we cannot ignore. We begin to refine and manifest purposefully leading to lasting fulfilment, contentment and liberation. Through the power of awareness, joy, intention, knowledge, and action, the infinite field of potential that is boundless, limitless, endless that we experience as Consciousness is embodied as you.

We focus on unraveling the Granthis by the use of Yoga asana practice, pranayama, bandhas, meditation and the more Tantric practices of kriyas, mudras, and mantras. All these methods in one practice becomes a powerful way to intelligently untie the Granthis 

There are three main blockages or knots within the body’s system. 

  1. Brahma Granthis – covering the lower torso – the simplistic issues of fear, guilt, shame. 
  2. Vishnu Granthis – covering the upper torso – issues that knot us up of attachment, resentment, hurt and inability to speak our truth. 
  3. Rudra Granthis – covering the mind – this knot creates a distortion, misapprehension and a vail of ignorance over how we see things.

Enjoy this series of unravelling and discovering!

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