Klesha Series

10 classes   £40.00

Exploring the five obstacles on your spiritual path that cause pain and suffering. In Sanskrit, Klesha translates as obstacle, affliction, pain and distress. Not exactly the most feel-good topic of Yogic philosophy but an important study in order to get through the challenges we face in life. These are internal obstacles so the focus of this series of practice will be a lot of self study and acknowledgement of flawed beliefs and attachments. A key concept of the Kleshas and common theme to all of them is where does the Ego fit in to each obstacle and how can I separate it from the actual source of my consciousness. The series culminates with a final mediation that helps to answer that question and explore the source of your consciousness, the cave of your own heart.

There are five Kleshas and I have chosen a diverse selection of videos dealing with each of them. I hope they serve you well and help you find the roots of your own pain and suffering. With practice, these experiences can be life changing as your whole approach to fear and anxiety, pain and suffering will be a lot easier to live with.

Classes in this Series