Malas – Stains over the Lens of our Perception

6 classes   £35

Malas are stains or impurities on the lens of our perception of our heart, mind and body. They are a form of ignorance that ties us to our limited-self, insinuating that to overcome them, we become un-limited. This was described by Abinavagupta, 950-1016 CE Mystic, Poet, Philosopher wrote the Tantraloka about Kashmir Shivaism.

Anavamala – Connected to the Heart, the ego identifies by relating to “I Feel”

Mayiyamala – Connected to the Mind, the dog identifies by relating to “I Know”

Karmamala – Connected to the Body, the ego identifies by relating to “I Do”

This series will take you through each Mala and how it applies to the body, mind and heart. The Asana and meditation practices will help you clear the unhealthy ego’s attachment of how it limits itself to the stain, distortion – Mala, it holds onto. With clarity through the lenses of perception, the light of transparency reveals your healthier ego as it shines its light through the body, mind and heart.

Classes in this Series