Map of the Mind

8 classes   £40

One of the myriad interpretations of Yoga is Meditation. In Hatha Yoga, we engage in active meditation, uniting body and mind to awaken to Consciousness while experiencing human existence. Thus, the practice of Yoga becomes an exploration into the essence of the mind, consciousness, and the human experience itself. Reflect on what drew you to Yoga. Was it for physical healing, increased vitality, mental and emotional well-being, or spiritual reconnection? Form an intention for your practice and endeavor to focus on manifesting what is significant to you today, recognizing Yoga as the skillful application of loving awareness in action. Through our practice, we refine our bodies, energies, and minds, cultivating greater skillfulness.

My objective is to illuminate the underlying motivations behind our thoughts, emotions, and subsequent actions, which often give rise to aversion, desire, and attachment—the roots of human suffering. I aim to equip you with insights to develop a profound relationship with the mind, facilitating a deeper inquiry into your own existence. This series will delve into both Yogic and Western perspectives, offering practical techniques to train the mind to serve your highest intentions, aligning with the essence of your practice.

Classes in this Series