Niyamas – Guidelines & Observances to have a Deeper Relationship to Ourselves

6 classes   £35

Niyamas are the basis for a healthy relationship with ourselves. In yoga, we place ourselves in a relationship to something, focusing our mind and body to the art of ‘purification’ through Yoga practice in order to produce a positive effect the pursuit of the state of Yoga. 

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika text warns the student, “Graha Niyama” to not take these Niyamas to extremes as it reinforces unhealthy motivations and self-abuse. This guides the student to bespoke the practice and walk the ‘middle path’.

Enjoy how these suggestions from the Yoga Sutras guides you to study one-self and notice what is contaminating or causing a discontentment our physical, energetic and mental bodies. Using these practices to create the heat, energy and light to see, heal, inspire and transform oneself. It is essential to make an intention of what we need to release, let go of and surrender to. Then create the effort toward our own well-being. ‘Yoga is skill in action (Karma) with loving awareness (Maitri)’ As we wakefully make the decision to hand over our will and lives over to the guidance and protective nature of Grace. Learning to trust in this loving presence, deepening your relationship to the spirited connection to what is behind life itself. The breath is one of the essential aspects to practicing Yoga and in fact it is the essential aspect to any spiritual practice. It is what gives us life and sustains life. We breathe in this animating principle, that vital energy of intelligence that celebrates embodiment within our form. Yoga is a practice is having an intimate relationship with consciousness embodied as you as the practice harmonising and integrating the Body, Energy and Mind reconnecting to the concept of Grace by shaping the breath so the mind can meditate and be still, Nirodha. 

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