Prana Vayu Series

13 classes   £55.00

Asanas are used to improve the quality of the breath. Preferably, practice the Asanas before meditation. This is lost on many Yogis, but Asana is really a practice to prepare for Meditation. We dynamically move to sense this life force, shape our vital energy and direct it to heal and transform obstructions and to inspire greater insights. As we cultivate positive and healing insights we create intention in our practice for Asana and Meditation and this is where the magic happens.

The Prana Vayus Series is a powerful transformative series for many. It is an incredible tool for self-reflection and finding the power of breath work for change. The breath is the vehicle for Prana. We open the many road ways – the highways, motorway, country roads, dirt roads and drive ways that are the energetic links that carry sensory info and actions throughout the systems (nervous system, respiratory, etc). Along the way we will find diversions, road works, accidents and dead-ends which are all useful in gaining self-knowledge as self-reflecting our thoughts, emotions, memories and imagery of what comes up. The instances of distraction, or what draws us out of presence is invaluable to understanding what is between you and being free, between you and feeling serene, between you and allowing love in, between you and living with joy, between you and healing.

Where the mind goes Prana follows. Our Power of Attention is key to practicing Yoga. The Power of Intention is equally important. They are both ways to be Present. Yoga Sutras 1.34-1.39 provide the suggested focus points to direct the mind and Prana. First breath awareness, then sensation, then inner illuminosity, then contemplate a stable mind by focusing on mantra or intention finally awakening to moment by moment awareness.

Classes in this Series