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Welcome to our transformative series on Pranayama, designed to deepen your connection with breath and elevate your vinyasa practice. Pranayama, the art of yogic breathing, is much more than a series of techniques; it is a profound journey into the essence of life force energy, or prana. This series integrates a variety of pranayama practices with dynamic vinyasa sequences, yoga philosophy, kriyas, mudras, mantras and asanas to create a potent and holistic experience.

We begin with an introduction to the foundational understanding the anatomy of the breath and the use of bandhas (energy locks) is crucial for enhancing our pranayama practice. We delve into these concepts, integrating detailed anatomical insights with a focused vinyasa sequence to harness the power of the bandhas.

Ujjayi Pranayama, the Victorious Breath, which forms the cornerstone of our practice. By incorporating Ujjayi breath into our vinyasa flow, we establish a steady, rhythmic breath that enhances focus, calms the mind and creates a meditative state.

The calming vibrations of Brahmari Pranayama, or Humming Bee Breath, soothe the nervous system and promote mental clarity. This meditative practice enhances relaxation and deepens our connection to inner stillness.

Next, we explore the soothing effects of 1-2 breathing, a technique that extends the exhale to promote relaxation and balance. This practice helps manage stress and cultivates a deep sense of inner peace.

The gentle flow of Viloma Pranayama, with its interrupted breath technique, enhances mindfulness and relaxation. This class includes a calming sequence that integrates pauses in the breath, helping to balance the nervous system.

As we delve deeper, we awaken our inner fire with Bastrika Pranayama, or Bellows Breath, an invigorating technique that boosts energy levels and clears mental fog. Paired with a dynamic vinyasa sequence, this practice revitalises the body and mind.

To purify and cleanse, we incorporate Kapalabhati Pranayama, known as Skull Shining Breath. This powerful technique clears the body and mind, preparing us for deeper states of awareness.

Achieving inner harmony, we practice Nadi Shodhana, or Alternate Nostril Breathing. This balancing pranayama technique harmonies the left and right hemispheres of the brain, fostering equilibrium and peace.

Harnessing the energy of the sun, we practice Surya Bedhana Pranayama, or Solar Breath, to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and increase vitality. Complemented by an uplifting vinyasa flow, this practice invigorates and energies. In contrast, we explore Chandra Bedhana Pranayama, or Lunar Breath, to balance the solar energy. This harmonising practice provides the tools to find balance in the inner ecosystem and absorb the resources that the sun and moon provide.

To cool the body and calm the mind, we practice Sitali Pranayama, the Cooling Breath. This technique, paired with a strong asana sequence, helps refine the use of the pranayama as it reduces internal heat and promote relaxation. Simhasana, or Lion’s Breath, offers a playful and powerful release of tension, encouraging self-expression and emotional freedom. This practice is combined with expressive asanas to promote liberation and creativity.

Finally, we explore the five prana vayus (directions of energy flow) and the five stages of prana according to the Gheranda Samhita. This comprehensive class combines theory with practice, guiding us to harness and direct prana for self-healing, inspiration and transformation.

Throughout this series, we weave breath-centric practices into our vinyasa flow, creating a seamless integration of movement and breath. This approach not only enhances the physical practice but also cultivates a deeper awareness of the life force within, leading to greater self-knowledge, balance and vitality. Join us on this journey to unlock the transformative power of pranayama and elevate your yoga practice.

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