Rethinking Yoga Anatomy & Practice

13 classes   £55

In this series we will go through a few misunderstood instructions that have been passed down over the years that with modern information have now become redundant. Instructions like; draw your heels down to the floor in Downward dog, squeeze your legs together in backbends, bring your weight on the outer feet to stabilise. This ‘rethinking’ approach to practice is to follow the instruction of practice of Asana according to the Yoga Sutras 2:46 Sthira and Sukham/Steadiness and Ease. We will continue to repeat that stabilising, strengthening and maintaining integrity of alignment is the primary action and then work with and ease as we open to becoming more flexible in the pose. With modern anatomy and physiology, we can improve the biomechanics of preforming our Asanas to achieve the desired result of practice and have sustainable alignments to carry on practicing into ageing.

Classes in this Series