Self Empowerment Series – “Emotions along the way”

11 classes   £45.00

What would it be like to live without the veil of fear, self-doubt, anger or resentment? What would it be like to have a map through our physical, psycho-emotional ups and downs? What would it feel like to be content, free, fulfilled, joyous, serene, trusting and still?

I love studying what draws us off our path, how we can use Yogic tools to face the inner and outer battle. This irregular, clouded, fear-based veil pulls us into attraction and repulsion to desirable and undesirable thoughts, feelings that arise due to the actions we take. I find that all this does is mask what is always there, the state of Yoga; this light, serenity and calmness as a result of stilling the thoughts and feelings within.
Self-Awareness is the first step to clearly see without this veil. Change the momentum of consciousness to stop and observe. This then gives room for self-study and understanding ourselves as we walk this path. The methodology of Yoga helps point us in certain directions to gather this awakened contemplation and practice to find our own conclusions to this experience of what we truly are and how to live by it.

This Series will focus more on Yogic approach to the emotional side of our existence. The Asanas of physically moving your body to release some of the build up of sensation or awakening the feelings by creating sensation is a useful method of encouraging the hurt, pain and suffering to untangle. Seated practices and guided meditation help find more resilience by allowing you to tend to your emotions with more understanding, compassion and faith.

*This series is meant to be a follow up to the first Self Empowerment Series – “Map of the Middle Path”. The map shows you how to find your middle path while this series is a study on what may come up along the way and how best to find the teachings within it.

Classes in this Series