Seven Stages of Yoga Series

17 classes   £75.00

What is it to be a Yogi? What are the methods and processes to get there and to keep you there? There is so much philosophy behind our practice as the study is an ancient one. In this series Zephyr breaks down the methods and processes to guide you to a better understanding of what it is to study Yoga. The 17 episode series integrates Yoga practice and Meditation to weave the student through the Seven Stages of Yoga thus creating a map for you to use throughout your practice on the mat and your life off of it.

If there ever was a series of classes that were essential for the modern Yogi, this is it. For those beginners (who have hopefully practiced Zephyr’s Beginners Course) this is a great series to follow up and really understand the philosophy of Yoga now that you understand the kinesiology and reasons for the sequencing. Zephyr does a brilliant job of bringing intention to each of these practices and explaining why and how the postures relate to each given philosophical topic of the Seven Stages.

Classes in this Series