Shakti Series

11 classes   £45.00

11 classes focusing on the Shaktis, 6 practice and 5 meditations.

To summarise the study of Shakti and what this series will focus on, the following ideas of Shakti must be emphasised. These are the Five Principle Powers of Shakti-
Jnana Shakti – Power of Knowledge: This is our capacity to know, understand, to discern, to be informed, to comprehend, to have direct experience of knowing our truth & the truth of all reality. 
Iccha Shakti- Power of Will: power of effective intention, joyous self-expression, a bright fire of willpower, will to express, a divine urge to create, to move toward what is most valuable and life-affirming to us, the driving force that calls us to spiritual practice, that determination and commitment to keep going, being that unstoppable force. 
Kriya Shakti – Power of Action: it is the force behind creative, dynamic activity, our ability to spontaneously manoeuvre without hesitation, to accomplish with effort, work and exertion, empowerment behind wise action
Cit Shakti- Power of Consciousness: aware of anything, the light of intelligence, wise wakefulness, light of our loving awareness, the mind that has expanded in the pure clarity of perception. 
Ananda Shakti- Power of Unsurpassed Joy: It pulsates with the power of expansive bliss, this is an expression of unbounded freedom, of being full, whole, complete at one with the rapture of blissful ecstasy, supreme happiness and delight.

Through these powers of awareness, joy, intention, knowledge, and action, the infinite, limitless field of potential that we experience as Consciousness, takes form as the universe and all things in it. This is the expression of SHAKTI herself in play, on the macrocosm and microcosm of you and me. 

Classes in this Series