Yoga & Ayurveda

4 classes   £25

Over the next few sessions we will be exploring how to create balance within ourselves by studying how we can harmonise our Doshas. This is pointing us to the sister science of Yoga called Ayurveda.

  • Ayur- Life, Longevity 
  • Veda- Knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Science 

The link between Yoga & Ayurveda is Prana. 

  • The components of this vital energy are Prana – vital force, 
  • Ojas – vital essence of nourishment,
  • Tejas – vital light. 

David Frawley states in his book Yoga & Ayurveda “Yoga is the intelligence of Prana, seeking greater evolutionary transformation. Ayurveda is the healing power of Prana, seeking to consolidate the life systems it has already developed.” 

Your consciousness has a purpose to this embodiment. It is said to be Dharma – your purpose, your path, your mission that you are meant to carry out to serve yourself and others. As a Yogi, you are trying to find ways to fulfil that. Sva Dharma – is living in harmony with your own dharmic constitutional type and the personalised practices that keep you on your dharmic path to fulfilment. So being Adharmic – is living that brings pain, disease, discomfort and disharmony. 

Yoga shows us how to realise the “Self”. Through practice you understand the nature of mind and cultivate Self-Knowledge to lead you to liberation (This explained in the Series 7 Stages of Yoga). Ayurveda shows us how to live in such a way that our physical and mental actions don’t deviate from what is realised as our true nature or Self. What is dharmic for one might not be for another. So it is important that we bespoke our diet, herbs, asana, PY, meditation and other practices to support a harmonious life. 

The combination of Yoga and Ayurveda directs one’s practice, awareness and life to the realisation of what lies beyond this mundane experience as well as how to live in this world with skill. Yoga is the best therapeutic tool in Ayurveda for keeping the Doshas balanced. Asana, Pranayama and Mediation with Dharana (focused concentration) treats various ailments, structural problems, mental, emotional and energy conditions and disorders.

Doshas are physical constitutions and functions that tell us how the organs and body work from a Yogic perspective of Prana. Bespoking practices according to individual types, or, 3 Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. We are all three, just one is usually dominate and one usually goes out of balance easily. 

In this session we will do an overview of all three Doshas. Each Karma will be focusing on the positive qualities of each Dosha and how we can bespoke our practice to become familiar with them in ourselves. 


  • Life Energy Prana which works through the element of Wind & Space which is active in nature, stimulating all things in motion – PRANA
  • Weakest build, but greatest capacity for change and adaptation to protect it. 
  • Character Type of Vata is one of creativity, imaginative, enthusiastic, agile, responsive, allowing one to achieve goals in life, loves exercise, prefers to be active, expressive, spiritual and tranquil. Tends to run around on their tip toes and be in the clouds.
  • Aggravated Vata shows up in the body as dehydration in the joints, tissues and too much wind/gas in the body as well as nervous disorders – DRY UP
  • Mentally/Emotionally – fearful, anxious,  worrisome and stressed out, they have poor memory as they are flighty, and prone to insomnia 
  • Yoga Practice – It is best served by the challenge of remaining still and holding the pose consciously aware of the body in the position. 
  • More prone to injury during asana due to nervousness and sudden movement or going to extremes in postures
  • Happy Vata: removal of stiffness from Joints, steadiness of the muscles, feeling grounded, calm, supported, yet creatively expressing themselves. 


  • Combination of Light & Intelligence which functions through the element of fire & water which give illumination – Tejas
  • Moderate physical strength, but greater mental and emotional force.
  • Character Type of Pitta is one of being intelligent, courageous, filled with vitality, positive energy, focus, concentrated, determined, orderly, consistently disciplined, amazing memory, decisiveness, motivation to achieve one’s goals, they can discriminate between right and wrong, black and white, there is no middle or grey area. 
  • Aggravated Pitta shows itself as inflammation issues in the body BURN UP and then BURN OUT
  • Imbalanced Attitude of Pitta is one of anger, irritability, lack of patience, jealousy, controlling, hot temper, tends to over due physical movement, aggressive, militant, tends to stick to things they do well, ignoring those that help or can take them further 
  • Yoga Practice They must not overexert themselves as it creates more Pitta fiery energy. 
  • Challenge: Being gentle with themselves during asana practice as they are so goal orientated and become hard on themselves for not meeting expectations
  • Happy: meet fire with fire, however ground the fire, connecting to a strong container feeling cooling, calm, openness, patience, tolerant, reduction of inflammation, acidity, heat.


  • Combination of Matter & Form which is dominated by the element of water and earth which provides stability, sustains the body tissues – OJAS
  • Strongest build
  • Character type of Kapha: devotional, loving, caring, reflective, nurturing, compassionate, patient, faithful, serves to keep us in harmony internally and unite us with others, ability to retain what we have received through effort, steady, consistent in loyal action, emotionally calm, grounded, once committed they do it faithfully overtime view life with love and work as service
  • Aggrevated Kapha: is too much water retention and weight, depressed, lethargy, drowsiness, dullness, congestion. STAGNATE and STUCK.
  • Yoga Practice – Challenged by activity, they are strong, but can lack motivation and adaptation to use it properly. They need encouragement to continue to keep going and connect to what matters to them most, what is important, what brings them joy, love and happiness.
  • Happy Kapha: Is when they move the earth and water to regulate the body’s weight, reduce water congestion stuck in the body. So moving them and focusing on stimulating their bodies, minds and hearts to live.

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