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Tough Love Podcast

My friend and fellow Yogi, Federica Leonardis, asked me to join her in conversation on TOUGH LOVE. How I survived a partner’s relapse on drugs, the experience of managing a family during this time and the cancer that took his life. This is a very… Continue Reading “Tough Love Podcast”

Stillpoint yoga London Podcast on Yoga & Recovery

Scott Johnson, founder and teacher of Stillpoint Yoga London, asked me to join him for another episode on his podcast. We didn’t realise, but we share a lot more than just our love of Yoga. I have re-listened to our talk and feel so… Continue Reading “Stillpoint yoga London Podcast on Yoga & Recovery”

Happy Place Podcast with Fearne Cotton & Zephyr Wildman

Happy Place Podcast on Fearne Cotton’s website or iTunes is now available. Listen to our in-depth conversation about life’s ups and downs, recorded at my home in London. It is all about how I have used Yoga, Alanon and my community to bravely face difficulty… Continue Reading “Happy Place Podcast with Fearne Cotton & Zephyr Wildman”

My Life Secrets

A filmed interview with Lucy Edge & Zephyr Wildman I have known Lucy Edge for many years now as we orbit around the same yoga circles in the UK. With a genuinely warm and affable nature she has always been one of those people… Continue Reading “My Life Secrets”