Practice – Presence – All it takes is a smile

Creating a bit of heat in our practice this week requires a balance that can be brought with a smile. Sounds simple enough, but being present in the moment often requires that we find a bit of dis-comfort and at the same time find, define and nurture our intention for our practice.

In this Slow-Flow session Zephyr will remind you how being on the mat can be a practice in “being here now” which is a lesson we can all take graciously and use off the mat in our everyday lives. Engaging with those around us, our family, friends or our colleagues and our children is not always the easiest to maintain a meaningful presence. This practice will help with life’s discomforts and give you the tools to be more present and allow you to give and receive a more meaningful and present interaction with life and those you engage with (including yourself!).

A focused breath, a gentle downward gaze and a slight Buddha smile is all it takes.

YOGA PHOTOGRAMS by Rob and Nick Carter

New Art Gallery RN at 5A is Rob and Nick Carter’s newest exhibition of their latest work and I am very proud to be one of the Yoga models forming these beautiful ghostly images.
5A Bathurst Street,
London W2 2SD
Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm
Yoga Photograms is shown 27 September – 29 November 2017
Rob and Nick Carter - RN1105, Yoga Photogram, <em>nyubjatrivikramasana</em>, Flying Monkey Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, nyubjatrivikramasana, Flying Monkey Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1107, Yoga Photogram, <em>nyubjabhumipatasana</em>, Variation of Twist Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, nyubjabhumipatasana, Variation of Twist Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1113, Yoga Photogram, <em>uttanabhumipatasana</em>, One Leg Reclining Hero Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, uttanabhumipatasana, One Leg Reclining Hero Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1108, Yoga Photogram, <em>karnapidanasana</em>, Ear Pressure Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, karnapidanasana, Ear Pressure Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1106, Yoga Photogram, <em>suptavajrasana</em>, Reclining Hero Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, suptavajrasana, Reclining Hero Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1112, Yoga Photogram, <em>nyubjamatsyasana</em>, Hidden Lotus Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, nyubjamatsyasana, Hidden Lotus Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1111, Yoga Photogram, <em>suptavajrasana</em>, Reclining Hero Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, suptavajrasana, Reclining Hero Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1110, Yoga Photogram, <em>kurmasana</em>, Turtle Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, kurmasana, Turtle Pose

Rob and Nick Carter - RN1109, Yoga Photogram, <em>suptamahamudrasana</em>, Revolved Head to Knee Pose, 2017 · © Copyright 2017


Yoga Photogram, suptamahamudrasana, Revolved Head to Knee Pose

“Yoga Photograms includes of eight life-size works from the pair’s recent series of photogram portraits exploring a range of traditional Sanskrit yoga postures.

The meditative series investigates both the experiential nature of achieving each position as well as the technical transformation of the visual image. The Carters are continually expanding the boundaries of their fine art practice, swinging between new cutting edge digital technologies and traditional analogue mediums, including neon light drawings, luminograms, moving image, 3D scanning and naturalistic sculpture – each allow the viewer to absorb and reinterpret compelling subject matter in an exciting and innovative way.

‘Yoga has a close but complex relationship with images of the body. It’s growth in popularity over the last hundred years, during which it has gone from being an esoteric method of spiritual development to a hugely popular global phenomenon practised in a myriad of ways. Modern Yoga has been made possible by the accelerating ease with which images of it’s practice can be shared, from roughly printed pamphlets to perfect Instagram poses, the medium of transfer has both spread and changed the practice.’

Dr. Jim Mallinson

Senior lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical and Indian studies
at S.O.A.S., University of London

Rob and Nick Carter pay homage to the holistic eastern practice in their hauntingly beautiful forms, each non-manipulated work is a direct result of the weight and direction of the model’s movement across the light in the darkroom and the photographic paper. An evolving and unpredictable process that is just as compelling in its performative language as it is in the final print result.”


Nicky, myself & Rob at the opening of Yoga Photograms 2017
Rob and Nick Carter - Yoga Photograms · © Copyright 2017
Yoga Photograms Book to Buy at RN at 5A Gallery


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