Podcast – Yoga Nidra -Health & Healing

This Yoga Nidra is from Kamini Desai, PHD Yoga Nidra; The Art of Transformational Sleep

When to practice: Whenever you can. In the morning as soon as you get up, either put headphones on if you share the room with someone or move to a room where you can practice undisturbed. You can practice in the late afternoon around when your blood sugar drops as a little battery re-charge. Yoga Nidra will help restore your energy and focus the mind for remaining activities during the day. You can also practice in the evening before bed. This will help release the activity in the body, the mind and the emotional body from the days experiences. Yoga Nidra can provide a deeper and more restful sleep resulting in a rejuvenating slumber that will help you feel more awake the following day.

How to practice: Ideally make a flat bed on the floor with an extra cushion under the body and head as the weight after time will be demanding for the body. I would suggest if you have a wool blanket or sheepskin which will help distribute and regulate temperature. Try not to use your bed, as you associate your bed to sleep. Elevate the head a bit, however keep the face parallel to the floor. When the head is propped up where the face is perpendicular to the floor, it is very stimulating for the nervous system and mind. You can place a bolster under the knees and or both knees and feet. Use a blanket to to keep warm. Palms facing up with nothing touching them. If you use an eye pillow, place it more on the brow rather than the eyeballs as the weight over time can be uncomfortable. If you have low blood pressure, feel dizzy or keep falling asleep and snoring I would suggest elevating the upper body with pillows or props of your choice.

Falling asleep: If you fall asleep, respect the response to the Yoga nidra and support your exhaustion, immune and nervous system and allow yourself to go ahead and sleep. If you want to start to try to stay awake, try setting an intention before practice in which you state aloud “I resolve to remain awake”. If you find yourself chronically falling asleep, I suggest bending your elbow to a 90 degree angle beside the body. If you fall asleep the hand will fall and you will usually awake. Propping yourself up, sitting against a wall or chair may help. However, rest assured that if you do fall asleep there is a deep psyche that listens. Your body listens. You will receive what you need and the words offered will have a deep impact. It just takes practice to dive deep into the depths of consciousness and be awake in effortless rest.

For more in-depth understanding and exploration of Yoga Nidra seek out Kamini Desai, PHD book Yoga Nidra; The Art of Transformational Sleep in paper back or audible. Her book is an excellent resource. This Yoga Nidra recorded is her script written named The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra for Health and Healing.

New Years Day Workshop: Self-Knowing as a Vehicle for Awakening

Triyoga Ealing Studio

Wed, 1 January 2020,
10:15am – 12:15pm

Price: £35 

Open to all.
£35 (£30 early bird until 25th December)

Our unique human ability to self-reflect is one thing that sets us apart from all other sentient beings. The continual evolution of our consciousness to be awakened (for those seeking it) to that which is behind life itself is a wonder for us as humans philosophically, spiritually and cognitively. Gives a new sense to the expression; “may wonders never cease”.

This New Year’s workshop will call upon our past experiences to inform our present, honouring those who supported us along the way. We will enter practices that promote that evolution by “burning” that which impedes us from growing forward in our lives. We will draw on the teachings of:

– tantra that increase our capacity to acquire energy to positively affect all aspects of our lives. 
– asana to strengthen our vessel. 
– pranayama to build our vital force.
– yoga nidra to heal and nurture.
– meditation to open us to the boundless reservoir towards inspiring our potential for awakening. 

We will call upon the 3-fold process of kriya yoga as the blueprint to promoting purification, self-reflection and establishing a relationship to ishvara/the divinity of your understanding. This New Year we will plant seeds of purpose and reduce the seeds of suffering thus actualising the light of knowledge within you, as you, working for you and with you to wake you up to its presence in everything. 

“There is a light, that lights the whole world. It radiates absolute truth, boundless will, skill in action and is the source of all knowledge” 5 Creative Shaktis within all of us.
Expect yoga talk, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.

* * * If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 3362 3366. Do not book via the website or the second person will not appear on the roster. By booking this event you agree to the Cancellation Policy * * *

New Years Day Workshop: The Art & Science of Vichara Practices with Zephyr Wildman

The Life Centre Notting Hill

01 January 2020

14.30-17.30 at Notting Hill

Zephyr Wildman

Price: £40.00

Book by 25 December for a £5 earlybird discount

The definition of Yoga has roots firmly grounded in a focus on self-understanding. The more we understand ourselves, our habits and our suffering, the more we have choices to align ourselves with the true path and the state of balanced flow. The equilibrium and harmony of a balanced life takes in to account the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Yoga, at it’s fundamental core, is an exercise in developing a strong and balanced state for all three. Yoga puts the same amount of emphasis on, and gives an equal importance to, the emotional health as it does physical health. Set your intention for 2020 be the year of clear vision and balance.

This workshop taps into the Yogic roots of holistic health and focuses on the skill in action yoga creates, helping to bring self-knowledge and the ability to identify and enact constant beneficial corrections as we follow our path. This New Years workshop is designed to offer deeper application to Yoga Students and Teachers and will introduce Vichara (written self-inventory) to develop skills that will aid the seeker to identify suffering in our lives and how to move past them.

Over the workshop, Zephyr will discuss the basic neuroscience, behavioural patterns and simple techniques to support strategies to enhance emotional well being in a yoga practice. Zephyr will lecture on yogic theories and begin to map out the foundation in a regular practice of Vichara and loving-kindness Meditation practices. Emphasis will be on seeing a holistic picture of ourselves by using the yogic sciences and techniques as resources to address imbalances.

Expect yoga talk, in-class journaling, asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation.

Members on a monthly ongoing membership or annual unlimited pass save 20% on all workshops. To take advantage of this discount please book your space at reception or by calling 0207 221 4602.

If you are booking for more than one person please call 0207 221 4602 as the second person won’t be added to the roster.

Podcast – Yoga Nidra – 5 areas of focus Yoga Sutras 1:34-1:38

Archer Warrior Sequence reflecting on the Yoga Sutras

This practice draws from the Yoga Sutras & the Bhagavad Gita to heal, transform and inspire our lives. 

  • First we cultivate Non Judgemental Awareness, Friendliness, Happiness and Compassion stated in Yoga Sutra 1:33. 
  • Then we will redirect our attention to the 5 suggested areas of focus from sutra 1:34-1:38;
    • Breath Awareness, 
    • Sensation, 
    • Inner Illuminosity, 
    • Contemplate a Stable Mind, 
    • Open to the Stream of Consciousness refining our mind to become more anchored in the moment. 
    • Then we will look at our habits (conscious or unconscious) by understanding our three types of karma and how to wakefully remain awake making wise choices to satisfy our deepest heart’s longing. 

Finding Solace by Expressing Grief Workshop

triyoga Ealing

Triyoga Ealing 13 July, 2019. 2-4:30pm

Grief is a part of love. It hurts because we love. And just as we fall in love and want to share it with everyone, on social media, at weddings and parties and so on, our grief too wants to be expressed. However, in society today we find it hard to know how to express grief, support those who are grieving and find tools to help us bear what is ours to carry. Nothing will ever fix or solve our grief as it is a natural, normal and healthy reaction to loss. When we experience loss, grief fills our life with darkness. This darkness never goes way, we just learn how to expand our life around the darkness. 

What can I expect?
This workshop will include: 
– lectures 
– journaling
– Yoga asana 
– meditation practices

What will I gain from the workshop?
There are many tools to help with managing our grief. Zephyr will share some ways that the principles of yoga and Buddhist psychology can help manage grief through writing (vichara), applied yoga-asana and meditation practices. This holistic, mind-body approach will allow you to kindly open the grief experience, physically moving the body to release some of the build-up of sensation or awaken the feelings by creating sensation, a useful method of encouraging the hurt to untangle. Students will also use seated practices and guided meditation to help find more resilience by allowing us to tend to our grief with more understanding, compassion and trust.

Who is it for?
Anyone struggling with feelings of grief after loss or who wants to explore this complex emotion.

Go to my recent blog about Grief and Loss to read and find more support in the meantime. Click here.

To book workshop, click here.

Unveiling the Light of the Heart Workshop

Yogacampus London 1 & 2 June, 2019.

Workshop with Graham Burns, Raquel Alves & Zephyr Wildman. Three of Yogacampus’ most experienced and popular teachers – have come together to offer this two day immersion into yogic theories and practices which will allow you to unveil and brighten the light of your own heart.

The heart is a complex and enigmatic organ. At the purely mechanical level, its beating keeps us alive. But it is also commonly seen as the seat of powerful emotions such as love and compassion. And in early Indian philosophy, the space within the heart (sometimes called the ‘cave of the heart’) was seen as the abode of our essential self, our true nature, who we really are at the deepest level.

Reaching awareness of that true nature of the self is the essence of yoga, and the heart has always had a special and revered place in the yoga tradition. Patañjali speaks of a ‘heart lotus’ as a focal point for meditation, and most (if not all) of the esoteric models of the yogic body which grew up in the Tantric traditions locate an important energetic centre at the heart which can be accessed through yoga practice. In Buddhism too, the heart centre is important, and is sometimes seen as the home of the ‘clear light of bliss’.

Yet, how often in our everyday life (and even in our yoga practice) do we allow our head to rule our heart, so that that clear light fails to shine as brightly as it might? Would it benefit us and others if, instead of being ruled by our head, we were able to access that light and allow it to shine? 

We are really excited that Zephyr, Graham and Raquel – three of Yogacampus’ most experienced and popular teachers – have come together to offer this two day immersion into yogic theories and practices which will allow you to unveil and brighten the light of your own heart. Each of them brings their own unique perspective and specific areas of expertise to help that light shine, and you will enjoy:

• Discussion of the significance of the heart and the heart centre in Indian philosophy generally, and in the yoga tradition specifically.
• An exploration of the physiology of the heart, and the psychology associated with it.
• A range of profound practices throughout the weekend – including āsana, bandha, mudra, prāṇāyāma, meditation, and yoga nidrā – all aimed at helping you unveil that light.
• Plenty of time for question and answer. 

The workshop is open to all levels of yoga experience, except complete beginners. However, some experience of prāṇāyāma and meditation will be helpful.

Certification You will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Attendance.

To book, click here.

New Years Workshop – Practice – Yoga Nidra – Part 3 of 4

A bit of ‘awakened sleep’ will offer a chance to rest and take in all the benefits of the physical practice (Part 2). The 61 point practice will have us working with our resentment and learning how to manage the opposite feelings and emotions that arise. The final stage to the practice is a forgiveness intention opening us to isvara pranidhana and letting go of that resentment that holds us in negative attachment. As we surrender and trust, grace arises leading us towards peace, contentment and serenity. 

Zephyr’s New Year Preamble and Meditation. Part 1 of 4

It’s a new year and everyone is feeling a bit of motivation for manifesting a new start. Zephyr’s message in this podcast is a focus on encouraging us all to look at our past and recognise our experience and how it has become helpful or has hindered our evolution and our ability to move forward. A meditation to set the tone for a four-part lecture and practice that will welcome you into a new year of self reflection and purification.

The brief meditation at the start of this podcast is a great way to prepare yourself to plant seeds of purpose and help reduce seeds of suffering that have been planted through your own experiences throughout your life. The clarity to our path forward is often blurred by experience and our reactions to life are just that, reactions. Use this meditation anytime you want to comeback to these themes and practices of self-reflection and moving through life with purpose. Whenever you find yourself reacting rather than responding to life’s obstacles, come back to this practice and work on continuing to build skills that help you see life more clearly and navigate through it.

Zephyr has shared the slides from this lecture with you below, so when you have time you can follow along with her.