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Introducing Zephyr Yoga Compact

I thought that with the new month approaching and normalcy (?) slowly creeping up for all of us I would offer a new type of practice for all of you Zephyr Yoga Members. As parents with children going back to school and those of… Continue Reading “Introducing Zephyr Yoga Compact”

Zephyr Zoom Classes – Yamas in Practice

To help me create more content and practices online or to just say ‘Thank You’ please consider donating a small offering to Zephyr’s Alms Bowl. You can make an offering for as much or as little as you like. Please click here.

Zephyr Yoga Home Practice – Practice Tip for Headstand

I felt a need to share other variations on headstand for those who find headstand challenging in more ways than the obvious. There is a lot more to be said about the risks, benefits and variations, however I hope this short practice tip helps… Continue Reading “Zephyr Yoga Home Practice – Practice Tip for Headstand”

Zephyr Yoga Home Practice – 7 Stages of Yoga