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Zephyr’s Podcasts are a great way to receive updated talks, mediations and inspiration while on the go or whenever you have time to listen. Zephyr Yoga Inspiration Podcasts are available wherever you normally download your Podcasts.

Listen to some of my favourite Podcast collaborations with Fearne Cotton, Danni Pomplun, Scott Johnson, Triyoga, Tough Love and many more that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of click here.

Below is a comprehensive list of of my personal Podcasts organised by Meditations, Preambles/Practices and a few Yoga Nidra sessions I have recorded. I also have a collection of great yoga philosophy discussions I took part in with my colleagues Mia Togo and Kate Litwinko.


3 Malas Mediation
Meditation Asana to Samadhi
Gratitude Practice
Meditation – Keep it Simple Yoga Sutras Steps to Meditation
Meditation – Sankalpa Shakti Deepest Hearts Desires
Meditation – Progression of Prana Shakti
Meditation – Welcoming Mara for Tea
Meditation – Indriyas Awakening Our Senses
Meditation – All the Light We Carry
Meditation – Forgiving Heart
Meditation – Loving Pause
Meditation – Point to Point Breathing
Meditation – Sea of Peace
Meditation – Effortlessly Observing and Insight into Embodiment
Meditation – Elements
Meditation – Kriya Nirodha
Meditation – Acceptance – Holder of Suffering
Meditation – The Koshas
Meditation – Insight into Self Regulating
Meditation – Falling back in love with our embodiement
Meditation – Intentions Preamble
Meditation – Intentions Practice
Meditation – 5 Prana Shakti
Meditation – Tonglen inspired guided relaxation & meditation
Meditation – Tonglen Practice
Meditation – New Years Day
Meditation – Pray it Away
Meditation – Changing Beliefs script by Dr Joe Dispenza
Meditation – Prana Dharna
Meditation – Lean in Let go

Preambles and Practices

Practice – Kriya – Nirodha
Preamble – Intention
Practice – Intention
Preamble – Buddha Smiles
Practice – Buddha Smiles
Preamble – 5 Prana Shaktis
Practice – 5 Prana Shakti
Preamble – Back bends
Preamble and Practice – New Years 2020
Preamble – Yogi Feet, Koshas with Mantras
Practice – Yogi Feet, Koshas with Mantra
Preamble – Rasa of Emotions
Practice – Warm up to Rasa of Emotions
Preamble – Honouring your Rasa of Emotions
Practice – Honouring your Rasa of Emotions
Preamble – Gunas & Illumination
Preamble – Pranic Alchemy
Practice – Pranic Alchemy
Preamble – Abduction
Practice – Abduction
Preamble – Gayatri Mantra in practice
Preamble – Awakening to Loving Kindness Practice
Practice – Awakening to Loving Kindness
Preamble – All it takes is a SMILE
Practice – All it takes is a SMILE
Preamble – New Years 2019
Practice – New Years 2019
Preamble – Waves of Emotions
Practice – Waves of Emotions
Preamble – Kriya Kleshas
Practice – Kriya Kleshas
Preamble – SO HUM
Practice – SO HUM
Preamble – Shoulder Focus with Mantra
Practice – Shoulder Focus with Mantra
Preamble – Warrior 5 Areas of Focus
Practice – Warrior 5 Areas of Focus
Practice – 5 Essential Ingredients to the Yogi
Preamble – 5 Essential Ingredients to the Yogi

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra – Script by Kamini Desai PHD, Yoga Nidra; The Art of Transformational Sleep
Yoga Nidra – 5 Areas of Focus
Yoga Nidra – Waves of Emotions
Yoga Nidra – New Years Day
Yoga Nidra – Guided Savasana

Dive Deep with US Yogis

Dive Deep – Episode One
Dive Deep – The Kleshas
Dive Deep – Intention

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