Zephyr Curates – Dedicated members – Back Care and Core 8+ Classes

“I have had a lot of requests for Asana that can help relieve back pain. I think a lot of our modern-life routines tend to create bad habits of sitting for far too long in front of a computer or slouched over a phone. Our lifestyles can really create a lot of pressure on our neck and back, in fact, it is one of the most common reasons people got to the doctor or miss work. Slipped discs, sore necks and strained spinal ligaments are just a few of the consequences of poor spinal hygiene. Below I have put together a collection of classes that focus on spinal health and alignment during practice as well as the complementary balancing force for a healthy back; strong core. These can be very physical practices, so you might just feel a bit of fire! Enjoy. Big Love” Zxxx

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