Zephyr Curates – Dedicated Members – SLOW DOWN, LEAN IN, LET GO AND LET BE – 10+ Classes

“Below you will find some practices and meditations that resonate with me as a Yogi as I often find life moving a bit too fast. London is a city of energy and there are days when I thrive in my surroundings and the hustle and bustle of all of us moving through it and going on about our daily lives. However, I think I am naturally an introvert and need my space and need my time. This is a collection bespoke to those that connect with that feeling and also want to give themselves permission to be ok with that. We are living in uncertain times and that compounds the need to slow down, but more importantly we need to let be. Hope you enjoy and connect with this collection. It is yoga practice, meditation heavy, philosophy and as usual peppered with a bit of anecdotes to help you connect. Big Love”. Zxxx

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