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Who are you Meditation

In this practice we explore the question “Who are you?” The practice of realising your true nature, what is behind the story of you and refining your relationship to the one who is perceiving moment by moment awareness. We recognise all sounds, sensations, thoughts and emotions are like the passing weather through the sky of your awareness. This meditation allows you to expand your horizons and help you understand who you are when you are not trying to be somebody but rather building a relationship to this wisdom of awareness and abiding effortlessly in loving wakefulness. Click here to access.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipssana is a traditional Buddhist meditation practice developing mindfulness to see clearly or to have insight into the nature of all things. This simple practice works by resting your attention in moment by moment awareness with less and less effort. We will practice wakefully breathing, observing sensation, and passing thoughts and feelings. This practice develops your capacity to recognise when you get lost in the story line, gently drawing your awareness to note and label what it is, then guide your awareness back to moment by moment presence. When you truly surrender to being here now, resting in the illuminated emptiness, you open your innate inner wisdom of knowledge seeing into the nature of everything. Click here to access.

Bija Mantras & Chakras 50 mins

There is much mis-conception about the Chakras. At the most basic level, they are wheels or vortexes within the body that both receive and radiate energy. There are seven of them and they start at the crown of the head and then are strategically found down through the body to the base of the spine. The Bija Mantras are known as the “seed sounds”, or the one-syllable sounds that activate the Chakras. Mantra is said to protect the mind and the use of these mantras is to spark a positive neurological effect within the body, energy and mind. We use the the Bija sounds to open us to the meaning of what these Chakras hold, empowering, motivating and potentially healing us through practice. I am not a singer so pardon the pitch and tone of my Bija Mantras, but I will try to express the sound and vibration of these teachings for you to explore your unique resonance and to harmonise the systems and to leave you with radiance from your practice. Click here to access.

Gratitude Practice 29 mins

The intention for this practice is to reflect on the past, present and future blessings. by connecting to sincere gratitude for the joys we experience in our lives. We honour our good fortune as well as the challenges, opening to the richness of our human experience. Refocusing on what we have, not what we lack. Join Zephyr in a deep dive into the delight of cultivating gratitude. Click here to access.

Forgiveness Practice 33 mins

Forgiveness cannot be willed. However through practice we can become open and ready to prepare our hearts, mind and body to forgive the hurt that may still be present. This practice focuses on the forgiveness from the harm you may have caused others, the harm you cause yourself and the harm others have caused you. Cultivating a forgiving heart takes practice, so continuing to repeat this practice in and out your meditation space is vital, reminding yourself of the very basic human goodness, the desire to be happy and not to suffer. Click here to access.

Granthis Knots Meditation 30 mins

This meditation explores the unravelling of the knots that bind us. Working with Pranayama Kriyas, Chanting and Visualisation we use these tools to work through the Physical, Energetic and Mental holding patterns that prevent the light of healing and intelligence of Prana from flowing freely throughout. This practice will clear the pathways to receive and follow our way back home in our embodiment, effortlessly abiding in loving awareness and dissolving back into the mystery of it all! Click here to access.

Loving Kindness & Prana Dharana Meditation 30 mins

This practice uses Buddhist slogans and kind touch to inform, nurture and absorb the meaning of the words to inspire you to be held in loving kindness. Zephyr will encourage you to practice R.A.I.N.- as you recognise what surfaces in your practice, allow more breathing room to air out your pain and to take a deeper dive investigating the root of your pain, nurturing it with loving awareness. Prana Dharana is the technique of focusing your concentration on the energy that is behind the breath; the source of boundless energy, inherently healing and inspiring. This technique will guide you deeper to where you feel able to rest peacefully in meditation. Click here to access.

Nadi Shodana Pranayama 1 Meditation 15 mins

Alternate nostril breathing is a technique that helps focus your attention and refine your relationship to Prana – Life force creating a clear path to find your way back at home within as you meditate. Click here to access.

Nadi Shodana Pranayama 2 Meditation 17 mins

Alternate nostril breathing is a technique that helps focus your attention and refine your relationship to Prana – Life force creating a clear path to find your way back at home within as you meditate. Click here to access.

Nadi Shodana Pranayama 3 Meditation 17 mins

Alternate nostril breathing is a technique that helps focus your attention and refine your relationship to Prana – Life force creating a clear path to find your way back at home within as you meditate. Click here to access.

The Light Within You Meditation 15 mins

We don’t always recognise all the light we carry, however in this meditation we start living in accordance to this light. Empowering us to connect to the light that lights the whole world, that radiates the fundamental truth of the human heart, love. This light fuels us to attain our hearts desires and shines on the choices we must make to guide us on the path of our journey. Use this meditation to reconnect to this boundless resource of light of creative energy. Click here to access.

Loving Smiles Meditation 15 mins

This meditation is one that is taught in the Buddhist tradition to connect to loving-kindness. Placing a smile to different parts of our body creates a positive neurological effect on our mind and body, the results being that we feel the warmth of what a smile brings. Love, kindness, belonging and safety. The hopes to this meditation is to bring a smile to your life on and off your mat. Click here to access.

HUM SA Spinal Kriya Meditation 16 mins

Meditation is said to bring the mind into a state of awakening into pure consciousness absorbed by the oneness of being. There are many techniques to guide students to this state and one is using mantra. Mantra is said to protect the mind by focusing the mind on the sound, vibration and meaning of the words. HUM SA is used with point to point breathing to have this affect of focusing your concentration and leading it to dissolving into the state of wakeful consciousness. HUM SA loosely means “That am I” that being consciousness. Of effortlessly observing without doing, bathing in that enduring calm of mediation. Click here to access.

Waves of Emotions Meditation 15 mins

This mediation offers you self-regulating tools to navigate difficult emotions we all feel. We can’t control all the storms in our lives, however we can learn how to sail them. We use intentions to anchor ourselves and connect to a deep trust as a compass to wait out the storm. In the meantime, we use breathing techniques to manage the swell of feelings, learning to breathe through them until the storm passes and we can calmly experience the sea of serenity as a result of our efforts. Click here to access.

Stilling the Lake of the Mind Meditation 29 mins

This meditation offers you a way of stilling thoughts, feelings and energy of the mind by focusing them and stilling the mind like an expansive but calm lake. By diving into the depths of your being, the meditation becomes a healing tool for helping with anxiety and issues around control. Click here to access.

Elements Meditation 18 mins

There are 5 basic elements of nature; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (intergalactic medium that suspends everything in manifested form). Using hand mudras in meditation to connect to these elements with the intention to experience them embodied and around us to balance the inner and outer ecosystem to find harmony and connection. Click here to access.

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