Zephyr Yoga Home Practice

Zephyr offers breath-centric vinyasa yoga classes to restore, renew and revitalise. The sequences will encourage you to strengthen, explore and connect to the embodied experience. With a bit of Yogic Philosophy, Zephyr will guide you through what it is to be a spirited body in a physical form. Open to Yogis of all skill levels, these practices are perfect for creating a calm, yet vibrant start to the day. Zephyr’s classes focus on nourishing and supporting the subtle body while encouraging you to lean into the space you feel in your physical body, realising the benefits from dedicated and intentional absorption of your yoga practice. Enjoy.

Join Zephyr in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you want to practice. Have a ZOOM class you enjoyed? Or wanting to explore some practice & teaching tip’s? They are all at the bottom of the page.

Home Practice

To help me create more content and practices online or to just say ‘Thank You’ please consider donating a small offering to Zephyr’s Alms Bowl. You can make an offering for as much or as little as you like. Please click here.

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